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Decorating with mint green

The name alone is enough to conjure up images of freshness. This is one colour that definitely cools down hot interior spaces and add a new level of cool as mint Green provides a refreshing space that is welcomed in the hot summer months.


In studies, people tend to associate pale to medium blues, lavenders, and greens with the sky, a body of water or wide-open field - elements we perceive as being tranquil and soothing. And because mild, cool shades have a lower intensity than warm or bright ones, they are literally easier on the eyes.

Mint green is a delightful colour for kitchen cabinets, especially when you're opting for wood floors. When done softly, as shown above, it works much like a white or cream wood to brighten up the space. The green tint adds a level of interest that the true neutrals can't, making your kitchen more memorable.

Mint has long been both a flavour and a colour that I adore – nothing seems to refresh and revive the senses on a cloyingly hot day like a mint (-chocolate) sorbet… And there's also nothing quite as refreshing from a décor perspective as a lick of mint paint.

Pastels can, on occasion, become a bit insipid, but somehow mint is one pastel shade that never falls into this category. It must be the "zing" and energizing effect that the undertone of green colour carries with it, not dissimilar to the tingling freshness that a spearmint leaves in your mouth when chewing a stick of gum. Cleansing the palette of any unsavoury tastes and replacing stale breathe with a pleasing clean odour, it's the perfect "after-meal" palette cleanser…

Paint walls with colours from the Plascon Pause palette. These soft washes of colour look as beautiful on walls as they do on the catwalk. This palette of pastels is calming and uplifting and can be easily introduced to a scheme, as they work well with neutrals and greys.

It's so easy to transform any furniture with a coat or two of Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover in Satin Green Apple, Seaside Green or Gloss Herbal Green. Apply to wood, wicker, metal, plaster or unglazed ceramic. The easy to apply and fast-dry formula resists chipping and fading.





Choose your shade of mint green to decorate your home - you can't really go wrong with this shade since it's such a subdued colour. For maximum impact, paint walls in a mint green with wall and window trim in crisp white. For bold contrast, mint green and pink really add "wow" factor to a room. For a cool, refreshing space team mint green with aqua or turquoise.