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A House of Glass, Mirrors and Light

If you are building or renovating a home, think about how you can incorporate glass and mirrors for a house filled with light.





Designed by gb-arch, an architectural design firm in Russia, this house is the epitome of light with steel and aluminium framed glass enclosures and doors and mirrors that reflect and bounce light throughout the home. If you are in the process of or looking to build a property or even deciding to renovate an existing home, give some thought to how you can incorporate glass and mirrors for a home that is filled with light.





Glass Replaces Walls and Doors


When entering this property, the first thing that you notice is that the space is filled with light. This isn't just because of windows but more due to the fact that, wherever possible, walls and doors have been replaced with mirror panels and glass doors. In the living room, above, a wall of folding glass doors seals off the room for climate control but still allows light to flow into surrounding areas.









Being able to close off the living space with folding glass doors means that the air conditioner only has to heat or cool up that particular room and no energy is wasted by allowing air circulation outside the room.





The installation of glass doors in any room makes a lot of sense. Not only do the doors provide soundproofing, but they allow light into surrounding spaces that would otherwise be dark. In addition, open or closed, the glass door does not intrude on the space.





Continuing the theme for using glass in this house, the designers have included freestanding furniture, such as the media unit below, with glass sliding doors. Wherever you use glass as an alternative, it has the ability to open spaces whereas wood doors would make it feel more closed off.









Mirrors Used to Reflect Light

The installation of panelling or the use of dark colours tend to overwhelm a room. The bedroom below is decorated in an earthy palette of greys and browns, but the reflective smoked mirror serves to brighten the mood by reflecting light into the room. The use of mirrors or reflective surfaces is an excellent way to counterbalance dark furniture and accessories.





As with the living room, the bedroom and dressing room feature mirrors and reflective finishes, particularly on closet doors, to bring continuity to the use of mirrors and glass throughout the house.





Not the ideal solution if your home is filled with clutter, sliding glass doors in front of an organised closet goes a long way towards making a room feel more spacious and airier. Whereas solid doors would make the room feel claustrophobic, glass doors have the opposite effect.





His and hers closet on either side of the bedroom features glass sliding doors that, when closed, further help reflect light.









Another room in this property that makes full use of mirrors and reflective surfaces is the kitchen. Grey appliances and cabinetry as paired with smoked mirrors.





The use of LED strip lighting in the ceilings and around fittings ensure that this home is filled with both natural and artificial light.





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