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Bas Relief Plaster Roses Wall Panel

Marta is a Russian artist that loves to experiment with a variety of materials, including this absolutely gorgeous bas relief rose panel using plaster.


Marta Kandr is a Russian artist that enjoys nothing more than experimenting with various art forms. Her passion for artistic expression can be seen in her work. I am sharing a recent commission that Marta has done using plaster and bas relief to create a large panel of roses using plaster.

For Marta, her process of using bas relief allows her to work without colour but rather use light and shade and size. Bas relief is a technique that retains the natural shapes of objects and to be viewed from different angles.

After sketching an outline for the project onto the panel, the process begins of applying the plaster onto the panel using a variety of tools. Marty has a selection of palette knives and trowels that she uses to apply her plaster techniques.



The plaster of Paris is mixed to a medium consistency before being applied to the panel with a trowel.

The first layer of plaster outlines the detailing for the roses.

Using layers of plaster the form begins to take shape.







Another thin layer of plaster is applied to build up the form.




The plaster is left to dry and then sanded smooth with fine grit sandpaper.


The finished result is amazing.



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