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Trends Come and Go and these are the Trends Predicted for 2022

Eye-catching kitchens, functional design, mindful living, and colourful combo are all predicted for 2022 and more.




I am not a follower of trends, per se, but I do like to keep my toe in the water when it comes to what's new in interior design, whether it is colours that are heading our way, new furniture designs or anything to do with living spaces. Even though a person doesn't follow trends doesn't mean they don't like a few things that resurge over the years as they tend to do, and it's always good to know how to keep a home modern and up to date. Added to that, keeping up to date on new trends also ensures that your home retains its resale value.









Here are the predictions for interior design trends we are likely to see in 2022, particularly those that are interesting to my South African readers:



Functionality over luxury

With families and friends being closer together than before, living spaces are being re-designed more for comfort and relaxation. While you may still expect to see a few metallic elements here and there, perhaps the shimmer or gold or the shine of silver, but glitz and glamour have been toned down and it is more about elegance and simplicity.



Comfort finally becomes an important element in interior design, one that outshines luxury.



This year will also see more emphasis placed on living in balance with our environment and the art of bringing the outdoors indoors. We have seen this happening over the past few years and this concept now reflects in modern living spaces - ones that appeal to body, mind and soul and steer us towards mindfulness and wellness. A year of being locked up, and for some even longer, being able to interact with nature brings about a sense of calm.



Taking into consideration mindfulness and wellness, we can expect to see more furniture and accessories that incorporate natural and organic elements and why not? The use of these materials, particularly those harvested sustainably, are kind to our environment, soothing on our mind and body, and promoting a more balanced outlook.



Thoughtfully designed living spaces

Still, in line with functionality over luxury, another trend we will be seeing in 2022 is the growing popularity of living spaces that are designed for relaxation, quiet contemplation, and wellbeing. With the pandemic confining us to our homes, more people are now looking at designing their own home gym, renovating dining rooms to cater for at-home entertaining, and even adding a sauna. You will not be surprised to note that the humble home bar is being transformed into a full-on wine cellar in many homes, especially those where the focus is on entertaining at home with family and friends.







Move over grey - green is set to be the colour for kitchens in 2022 and we strive to be more earth-friendly in our homes and the way we live.



• Colours for 2022

Colour will also play an important role when designing living spaces and, while neutral will continue to be popular, there is more demand for bringing colour psychology into the mix. We have long known that colour affects our mood and this will reflect in the colours we choose for decorating with more emphasis on bold and bright colours as accents, with green being touted as a trendy choice that brings us closer to nature and a more natural lifestyle.



The colours for 2022 are not those predicted by Pantone, whose colour of the year is Veri Peri - a blue hue with red undertones that resembles a deep lilac. Once you see this colour combined with greens and earth tones, it makes sense that this will be a popular accent colour.



Emphasis on entertaining at home

This is one trend that isn't so unexpected in everyone's mind and one that is perhaps more applicable than we realise. Entertaining at home has become a 'new normal' for many and investing money to renovate a home to accommodate this is one of the best ways to ensure that time spent at home, whether wining or dining, is the ultimate experience.



The humble breakfast bar can not only serve as seating for informal family meals but also provide extra countertop space as well as a home bar solution for when wining and dining.



Experts predict that the kitchen island or peninsular will gain more popularity as a breakfast bar as homeowners re-invent the dining room for wining and dining.



• More than the heart of a home

To entertain at home, two rooms, in particular, are receiving attention, one room even more attention than it normally has. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and it is where the home chef enjoys creating delicious meals and treats. With more emphasis on entertaining at home, the kitchen has transformed from a place to cook family meals to one that is designed for both beauty and practicality. This year, we can expect to see more in the way of kitchen design as well as a re-design of dining spaces - whether separate or an integral part of a kitchen.



Outdoor spaces for dining and relaxation focus more on comfort than on style.







• Outdoor spaces take on a new life

Not only indoors, but entertaining outdoors will also feature prominently this year as people take a closer look at how they can improve on their living spaces. Outdoor entertainment areas have been a popular home improvement for many years, particularly for South Africans who are lucky enough to have such beautiful weather to enjoy for most of the year. Home improvements have seen an increase in home additions that focus on improving outdoor living with installations of larger patios, decks and freestanding areas that are designed for cooking, dining, and entertaining all in one.



• Improving body and soul

Bathrooms are next on the list with more homeowners wanting to have a bathroom renovation done to be able to enjoy the 'spa experience' in their own bathroom or renovate the bathroom to incorporate a soaking tub or power shower. Bathroom renovations have always been in the top home improvements for a house and it's no surprise to see that this is only going to increase in the years ahead. Designer bathrooms can include anything from walk-in showers kitted with the latest technology, mood lighting at your fingertips and water-saving features.





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