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Moving into a more Relaxed Style of Interior Design

In recent years, the decorating style has trended towards clinical and sterile interiors, but now we are moving into a more relaxed style of interior design for the home.


I think we have all had enough of home interiors that appear clinical and sterile - interiors that lack warmth and personality, and it's good news that interiors seem to be more relaxed as we concentrate on making our homes more of a sanctuary.

There's no denying that our stress levels have increased in the past few years. We are worried about climate change and how this will affect our lives. We are concerned about load shedding. We are anxious about what's happening locally. It's about time we look at decorating our homes to create an environment that is comforting and welcoming.

Homes with Charm and Personality

This year, we see a concerted movement towards homes that are more livable rather than being designed to showcase 'things'. home interiors are filled with character and personality, and yes, we can still have our "things", but they are no longer the focal point in a room or home.







This more relaxed style of interior decor stems from the fact that many of us are looking at sustainable materials in our homes. We want furniture that is manufactured using reclaimed or recycled materials, or pieces that are made using sustainably harvested timber. Another factor that plays into this desire for a more relaxed style is the ability to look at using secondhand materials to give them a new purpose - or a new home. Upcycling remains a mantra for many as they consider how items can be repurposed, restored or recycled rather than thrown out.

In the future, you can expect to see a mix of modern and traditional pieces being thrown together - a mix of old and new being brought together to decorate a home in a style of its own.

tania cassill

This more relaxed style of design tells a story; it speaks of carefully curated pieces that reflect personality, with vintage and retro pieces being introduced to modern or traditional styling.



Warm Wood Tones

Natural wood tones are replacing the high-gloss honey yellow of Oak, whether in kitchens or as pieces in the home. Think warm walnut and antique oak, with slightly grey hues or bleached / whitewash finish to lend a lighter finish to these traditional woods.

If you are wanting to bring this relaxed style into your home, think expanses of white or grey broken up with warm wood drawers and shelving. Use light woods to introduce texture into an all-white kitchen, or natural wood accessories in a clinical bathroom. Those who love the natural beauty of wood will find it easy to bring more of this into a home, whether with accessories or furniture.







Another example of bringing a more relaxed style into any home is with laminate flooring in light- or medium-toned hues. We are seeing an increase in natural wood plank styles with antiqued or whitewashed finish. This type of flooring, while not considered sustainably on its own, does allow us to add the look of wood flooring to a home in the absence of FSC or sustainably harvested timbers for engineered wood flooring.

For a better understanding of what relaxed style is all about, think Scandinavian interiors or Hygge trends that are all about creating a home that is warm and welcoming.



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