Give your walls a new look

There are plenty of ideas for giving walls a new look with bold and vibrant designs for feature walls. Here are some innovative wall ideas with 'wow' factor.


Why settle for boring walls when you have so many exciting alternatives to choose from. Today you can pick from wall treatments that  effects that mimic everything from wood panelling to concrete- and wood-look tiles.


Wallpaper is the ideal quick fix to add interior style to your home – simply paper one wall or a whole room to create dramatic effect. Photorealistic technology is now so good that you can replicate natural materials and textures so that they’re only distinguishable from the real thing up close. Digital wallpaper is here to stay and offers decorators the opportunity to select a unique design for walls.

Introduce unusual finishing touches using modern, digital printing techniques to create a handcrafted look. The aged style of vintage textures and patterns effortlessly adds old-charm grandeur and nostalgic elegance into the home.

It's easy to add character and architectural detail with MDF panelling. This trend will suit both traditional and modern interiors, and looks stunning when painted in crisp white or darker colours. You will find a selection of MDF at your local Builders and can have this cut to size.

Have fun with wood panelling. You can opt to use reclaimed wood or buy PAR pine at your local Builders to create an eye-catching feature wall in any room in the home. Glue the wood panel onto the wall with No More Nails adhesive.



Plaster effects, whether by your own hand or applied by an expert, add a unique finish to walls. Plaster finishes can be steel floated and sealed or a Venetian plaster technique, or you can use a special cement-based product for do-it-yourself application. After priming plaster walls with a suitable sealer, you have a wide range of options for finishing. If you are looking for options click here for links to various installers throughout South Africa.

Add a personal touch by experimenting with paint to create a striking feature wall. Mask off areas for geometric designs, use stencils for repeat patterns, or try freehand painting for wall murals.

For the modern or contemporary home industrial style or urban chic allows you to play with textures. Neutral colours and minimalist interiors provide the perfect setting for the latest concrete-look wall tiles. Ranging in grey tones in warm and cool hues, concrete-look tiles are printed with the latest inkjet technology to create maximum realistic effect.

Wall maps have been trending for a couple of years now, and you can make your own feature wall map using paint and wallpaper or scrapbook papers. This is an easy way to create a statement feature wall or design a stand out wall for a children's bedroom.

Your local Builders store offers a selection of the latest wallpapers, which means there’s no need for stand-out furnishings or artwork to give a room character. Now you can easily vamp up plain living rooms simply by adding your choice of wallpaper.