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Interior Design Trends 2019: 6 Ideas to Try

From accents to lines and colors to material, here's a slew of things that we can all expect to conquer the homes next year.


As the year comes to a close, many people – particularly interior designers, decorators, and homeowners – are waiting for the next home design trends with bated breath. As with fashion, interior design trends also come and go. Some trends stay, and other trends evolve, and then there are some that make a comeback.

Nonetheless, 2019 seem like another exciting year for design enthusiasts. From accents to lines and colors to material, here's a slew of things that we can all expect to conquer the homes next year.

Sustainable Furniture

Sustainability is a movement that has been touching base with interior design over the years, and it has given designers a sound opportunity to express their creative talents while imploring their appreciation for nature. And much like the Frank Lloyd designs that aim to provide each piece with its own personality, sustainability remains to be a staple in design element in 2019 and most probably for the years to come.

However, sustainability in design has taken quite a radical shift itself. Still using recycled goods to create a new outstanding piece, next year we will see most of these items embody an elegant, cleaner, and sleeker look and outdating the boho style.

Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo was once a popular design element in the 80s, and it's predicted to make a comeback in 2019 with its colorful, abstract look. Terrazzo is composed of bits and pieces of glass, marble, and granite and is popularly known for its fun and vibrant design. It was once a relatively cheap flooring option way back in the day, but designers have developed a newfound love for it and figured, why not use terrazzo into something else, say, a wall or furniture?

Call it forward thinking, but we're going to see a lot of terrazzo inside people's home next year than in the 80s. Terrazzo is seen to be incorporated into a number of things, including flooring, walls, and even lamps.





Statement Ceilings

We didn't give much thought to ceilings in the past several decades, but in 2019, many designers predict that ceilings are going to take center stage when it comes to visual appeal. Ceilings next year are going to be out of the ordinary as homeowners take on a much bolder, brighter choice. From lacquered ceilings to catchy wallpapers and enticing moldings, ceilings will be designed to get guests looking up, literally.

With that said, walls are probably going to be much cleaner and simpler, which helps to drive people's attention high up.

Going Green

From global warming to climate change, more and more designers are trying to incorporate the green movement into their designs. In the past years, we have seen the boost in energy-saving appliances to recycled furniture and décor. There's going to be a drive towards eco-friendlier choices, which aim to reduce environmental footprints.

And quite notably, plants are going to be used a lot for interior design. A pop of green here and there, as well as the beauty of colored blossoms, give any space a livelier, radiant look.

Black is Back

Although we all know that white can lighten and expand space, next year we will see many people gearing towards black as an accent color.

Black evokes drama and sophistication, a trend that many homeowners appreciate. Matte black, in particular, is going to penetrate homes in the forms of décor, furniture, and accents. Some people may also use black in their walls to add contrast, but if this is quite intimidating to you, black frames and lighting fixtures won’t fail to give your space a different kind of sophistication.

The Love for Curves

Lines are going to be less straightforward next year. There's going to be a shift toward curved lines, particularly for curved sofas, dining tables, and other furnishings. Apart from these, rigid lines are going to be less prevalent in terms of tile flooring, doorways, and even mirrors. Curved lines are gentler to the eyes, subdued, and a bit feminine, allowing the space to look less intimidating and more inviting.

Key Takeaways

If you're thinking of revamping the look of your home or a specific space in it, it helps to consider how these elements can help you achieve the aesthetic appeal that you want. Whether you like it sleek and smooth or bold or colorful, what's important is that you're happy and comfortable with the look and feel of your space.



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