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Decorate with black

Decorating with black is back, and what better way to add refined sophistication to living spaces.


Black continues to withstand the test of time and is once again making an appearance in designer homes. Black has the power to bring out the best in a room, whether it's to draw your attention to a feature or add a touch of elegance, every room should have a little bit of black. As someone who loves to use black accents in my own home, here's how you can introduce a touch of sophistication and add a dash of classic design to your rooms.

Before you apply black, stand back and assess the space. Only apply large areas of black in a room with lots of natural light or opt for smaller splashes of black purely for accent.

Prominent Paints recommend a matt black paint for walls, as this tends to fade into the background. Gloss black, on the other hand, screams for attention and can look tacky. Matt black is also forgiving and ideal for walls with an uneven texture or inconsistencies in the finish.

Break up large expanses of white with black for drama. A black wall up a staircase adds an interesting pattern in a room that lacks character.

Black and white work a little magic in any room in the home and can be used to create stunning interiors. Make use of black to add a focal point - they are the perfect colour combination for any style of decorating. In a kitchen, black and white bring out the best in accessories and highlight the beauty of wood details.

Prominent Paints know colour and can offer all the advice you need when painting a home. Pop into your nearest Prominent Paints store for interior and exterior paint and products.


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