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Interior design trends for 2018

This year there appears to be a lot of confusion as to what's hot and what's not. We took a look around and put together a selection of top tips for interior design trends for 2018.


Colour Palettes

Ultra Violet may be Pantone's colour of the year for 2018, but designers don't seem to be jumping for joy at this selection. Millennial Pink, on the other hand, continues to be a favoured choice for interiors and it looks as though this colour will remain a favourite for the year ahead.

Millennial Pink isn't a candy-sweet shade of pink that one would expect when thinking of pink, but rather a subdued and elegant hue that adds matured sophistication to any room. When paired with neutral hues, Millennial Pink adds a dash of colour that brings out the best of natural without being too brash or bold.

With the Finishing Touches Made To Measure service you can order window blinds, curtains and decor made to exact measurements. Choose the perfect Millennial Pink window treatment for your home, whether its eyelet curtains, pencil pleats, double-pinch or wave headers. Made To Measure blinds include panel blinds, roller and double-roller blinds, Roman blinds, as well as vertical and Venetian blinds.

And keep an eye out for lavender and lilac. It has been predicted that Millennial Pink will slowly morph into this soothing shade during the year ahead. Another decorator favourite, a muted sage or olive green might make an appearance this year.





Decor and Accessories

Metallic materials continue to dominate in 2018, but it's no longer just about Rose Gold - it's about the full spectrum of metallic finishes. There will be a resurgence of copper, brass, steel and vintage metals. There is also a move away from stainless steel, and you can expect brass fittings to replace these in bathrooms - a nice change and a move towards warmer accents that will warm up a cold, sterile bathroom setting.

What's nice about metallic accents is that we don't have to spend a fortune to add these to the home. Refresh and update old pieces with Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic or Spraymate Metallic spray paint. For the cost of a can of spray paint, you can give dated accessories a brand new look if you like to keep up with trends!

DIY Decor

DIY is not just a phase - it has become a way of life. With power tool manufacturers constantly looking for ways to make DIY even easier, and the availability and affordability of materials and supplies, homeowners have the freedom to 'make' rather than 'buy'.

Hardware stores continue to pop up around the country as more people realise the potential of DIY projects, whether making the occasional piece of furniture, or tackling more intensive home improvement jobs.

Reclaimed wood - especially pallet wood - will always be popular because it is inexpensive and easy to work with. While the popularity for using reclaimed wood is fizzling out as a trend, it's a matter of personal preference and affordability that decides what materials to use for a project. If you love the look of reclaimed wood furniture and accessories, but like to stay up to date with trends when it comes to decorating your home, modernise the look with accessories that are on trend.