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Modern architecture using concrete and wood

These modern concrete and wood homes incorporate architecture and design that relates to the surrounding landscape.

Located on a steep slope, Carvalho Araujo Architects designed a home that fits into the limited space available but that takes advantage of the surrounding landscape and a small stream that runs along the property.

Taking advantage of the sharp drop, the new construction relates to the land in a very spontaneous way, and allows the homeowners a panoramic view of the beautiful panorama that surrounds the site.

 Access to the building is from the upper level, from where the entire plot can be viewed, while the lower level allows access to the wide open natural spaces and course of a natural river that forms a small pond.

To some, the interior spaces may appear sterile, but the homeowners were not looking for a conventional build, but rather spacious, functional and multipurpose spaces where the lines between leisure and work are blurred.

Interior rooms feature high ceilings and lofty dimensions throughout, while the concrete construction is combined with warm wood elements to soften the hard, austere look and put the design in touch with its surroundings.


The kitchen and bathrooms continue the concrete and wood theme of the construction. The concrete slabs that make up the structure were cast in wooden formwork, leaving behind imprints of wood grain and allows an almost seamless flow between concrete and wood.







Architects Besonias Almeida uses concrete and wood to create a contemporary home located close to the beach and surrounded by indigenous vegetation and young trees.

Designed to accommodate a family of three, the spec was to build a home with open spaces and a communal atmosphere. The rooms allow seamless flow between indoors and outdoors for full enjoyment of the surrounding area.


The structure incorporates a central courtyard, with all individual sections connected by a wooden ramp shaded by a concrete pergola that offers shade during the day time.


The open plan living area features a visually integrated kitchen, dining area and living space. The home also incorporates three bedrooms, one with private bathroom and dressing room.