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Driftwood decor ideas for a home

If you are heading down to the coast for your annual holiday and are lucky enough to walk along the beach and stumble across some driftwood, here are some stunning ideas for adding driftwood decor to your home - and bringing back a remembrance of your holiday.

Driftwood mirrors have always been a popular craft projects, probably because they are so easy to make. All you need is a piece of mirror cut to size or shape, a hot glue gun and small pieces of driftwood.

Smaller craft projects that use driftwood can be as simple as adding a driftwood frame to a tray or using a larger piece of driftwood as a candle holder.

Driftwood table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps require a bit more creative thinking - all depending on how much driftwood you manage to acquire and whether or not it has interesting shapes that will fit together. We made a lamp stand out of twigs that could easily be substituted with driftwood.





One of my favourite uses for driftwood is to make a driftwood garland. Make a driftwood garland by drilling a small hole through the centre of each piece of driftwood and inserting nylon line, string or twine to hold the pieces together.

You can use a driftwood garland as a table runner (above) or to add a touch of coastal decor to your home (below).

How about making up driftwood garlands to use as a screen. In this bathroom (below) a driftwood curtain has been mounted to hide the toilet. Very simple idea that looks absolutely stunning. You could use a driftwood garland curtain to section off a shower cubicle or hide an ugly feature such as an indoor geyser.

Add a touch of coastal style to your home by hanging a driftwood garland from the ceiling.

Decorative wall art is another way to put found pieces of driftwood to use as decor for a home. You will find plenty of ideas on the Internet, but love the contemporary driftwood art panel (above) and horse (below).

For the lucky beachcomber who stumbles upon a large piece of drifwood, using this as a base for a dining table or driftwood coffee table creates an instant feature in any room.

In the spirit of Christmas, we just had to include a driftwood Christmas tree. A driftwood Christmas tree makes for a beautiful alternative to a traditional fake tree.