Driftwood candle holder

I might not live by the coast, in fact Joburg couldn't be further away, but I still love the beauty of driftwood crafted into unique decor for a home. It's soft and rustic and oh so unique.



Using a 40mm spade bit is the easiest way to drill out a hole for the tealight candle, but not in very hard wood. DO clamp the wood firmly to a workbench while you work. If you find that the spade bit is not even biting into the wood, try the next step instead.



Use your drill and a 40mm diameter hole saw to create an outline in the piece of driftwood. DO clamp the driftwood to a workbench so that it is firmly locked as you start the drill with the hole saw to prevent any accidents.

Use a hammer and wood chisel to chase out the rest of the hole until you have the right depth for the tealight candle.