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Carpenter and Sons - Bespoke Carpentry for the home

These days it's hard to come across a carpenter that offers bespoke carpentry designs in a market largely taken over by mass production.


Some may say that carpentry is a dying trade, perhaps because we tend to look for the easy way to fill our homes with decorative pieces that are massed produced and readily available. Modern furniture is laminated, veneered, or one board product or another in disguise. But carpentry is not for those looking for instant furniture, it's more about crafting furniture that is beautiful, timeless and handcrafted.

Carpenter & Sons dedicate their furniture to all who believe in the beauty that nature provides us and they bring to life the dreams and visions of each individual piece of furniture by realising the creative potential of each piece of wood to bring perfection through innovative design.

Carpenters are known for their expertise in handcrafting timber into wood furniture that enhances the richness, texture and patterns of natural wood. These are skilled craftsmen who combine the inherent characteristic of wood with a heartfelt passion to turn dreams and ideas into heritage pieces. Carpenter & Sons believe that any piece of furniture requires a great deal of thought and consideration to preserve the integrity of the timber used and respect what nature provides.





Designers and skilled craftsmen at Carpenter & Sons work together to create one-of-a-kind pieces for a home, pieces that can be handed down to future generations. So, while carpentry may be a dying trade, it's also a trade that continues to use our natural resources in a sustainable way and give timber the care and attention to detail that each piece of wood deserves.



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