The secret to stunning whitewashed walls

Whitewashed walls can either look spectacular or hideous. The trick to whitewashed walls is deciding the best way to whitewash walls to match your personal decor style.


I love the fact that whitewashed walls fit in with almost any decor style, with the exception of more formal decorating schemes, such as formal or traditional decor.

The images above, believe it or not, are not whitewashed walls but wallpaper that looks like whitewashed walls. Courtesy of your4walls, these striking images are a perfect example of how whitewashed walls should look in a contemporary or modern room setting.




Whitewashed walls not only look good with a variety of decor styles, they also look good in any room. Although South Africans don't really have the opportunity to convert warehouses to studio lofts, I am sure that there are many homes with facebrick walls that could do with a makeover.

Facebrick walls are still a popular feature in many homes, but while these walls do look good, not everyone enjoys the look of facebrick walls. Here are a few tips and advice on painting whitewashed walls.

Painting facebrick or raw bricks walls is not a difficult DIY project, providing you do it right. What is a trickier process, is determining the right finish for the walls in your home. Whitewashed bricks walls can look rustic - as above - or modern - top images -and you need to select the best method to harmonise with your style of decor.