Shelving and storage ideas for a modern home

Storage and shelving is not just about hiding clutter out of sight, it's also about putting on display. Choosing the right storage or shelving for a home is not only about fulfilling your storage needs, but also enhancing your decorating scheme.


In a small home, storage and shelving units play a vital role in having a place to store items out of sight, keeping a home uncluttered and clean.

Open shelving is ideal for sectioning off or dividing up a large, open plan space. But be careful not to overload shelves, as this will only make a space feel smaller.

Portable storage cabinets are perfect for a small home or apartment. This mobile shelf unit is a simple DIY project that can be completed in an hour or two, and you will find everything you need at your local Builders Warehouse. Use laminated pine shelving for the frame. Laminated pine comes in lengths of 1800mm and 2400mm and various widths from 300mm to 600mm.



Make sure you choose boards that are perfectly straight and not warped.

This dining server is another fairly quick DIY project.MelaWood comes in a selection of gloss, solid colour, stone and wood grain finishes. Have the hardware store cut this to the exact size and edge for you, and all you have to do is assemble and finish off. Find all the accessories you need at your local Builders Warehouse, or shop of specialist accessories at Gelmar or Wholesale Cabinet Fittings.