Reclaimed timber furniture

As we look for natural alternatives in our manufactured world, there is definitely a place for furniture that uses reclaimed materials. Nightwood manufactures a range of furniture using reclaimed timber, which might not be to everyone's taste, but definitely has its place.


Affordable decor tricks for a room makeover

Need to give a room a makeover? The difference really is, as they say, in the details - in this case, a few accessories. So don't think that you have to spend a fortune to give any room in your home a makeover.


Dress up a bare wall with wall decals

Wall Decals and Wall Murals are one of this seasonĀ“s biggest home decor trends and can be used to transform almost any room in your home.



Just a little paint...

Whilst some of the room makeovers do involve a bit more that just paint, it's also pretty obvious the difference that a coat or two of paint can make. Take a look at some of the room makeovers to see what a difference paint and accessories can make to a boring room...


How to style a bookcase

A well-styled bookcase can transform a bare room, especially when filled with books, collectibles and decor accessories. There are a few design tricks that you can use when styling a bookcase and look top tips on how to style a bookcase.


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Decorating ideas for an entrance

While not every home or apartment has the luxury of an entrance hall, you still want guests to feel welcome when entering your home. All it takes is a few personal touches here and there to spice up and make guests feel welcome.


Transform a rented house into a home

When you live in a rental home, chances are your rental agreement doesn't allow for any changes, not even a nail in the wall. Although you can overcome this with a little crack filler when you leave, what else can you do to transform a rental property into a home?


Using the space under stairs

Living in a double-storey apartment with loft, townhouse or house means that you have a staircase for access to the upper level. In many apartments and homes, these staircases are located within the living or dining space.


Staircase ideas

When living in a double-storey townhouse or apartment, standard staircases fitted off-plan are usually as basic as they get. Timber beams and steps stained to match skirtings, windows and doors.


Warm up a home for winter

This week the temperature took a dive and, as the days grow shorter and colder, it's time to start thinking of ways to heat your home.



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A living space refreshed on a budget

Homeowner Amanda, who, along with her husband, Scott, is the proud parent of three young sons, proved that with thoughtful planning and wise purchasing, stylish rooms and family living can co-exist peacefully.


Decorating a rented home

Just because you have to live in a rental home does not mean that it has to look like a rental home!   We explore a couple of ideas on how to make your rental more homely without getting into trouble or blowing your budget.


A warm home for winter

Adding a few select accessories can change a cool summer room into a cosy and warm winter cave - perfect for hibernation during the colder months of the year.



Got the itch to move?

While just picking up and moving isn't an option for most of us, there's another approach that people are taking: Refreshing their house to create a high-impact, high-style look, but doing it in a way that's cost effective.


Affordable interior design and decor

Interior designer, Sue Adams, shares some of her tips on creating a designer look for home interiors - without breaking the bank!



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Live a style that is relaxed and comfortable

As the pace of life seems to speed up, many of us are looking for ways to take a step or two back in time to when life was less complicated and living was more relaxed.



Townhouse living - compact and secure

Townhouse developments continue to lead the way in the property market and many previous house property owners are downsizing to townhouse living, not only for increased security but also for the complete lifestyle that many developments offer to residents.


Designer knock-offs

I absolutely love the West Elm look. Based in the US and not available to South African surfers, their range of furniture is easy to knock-off if you are looking for DIY furniture ideas.



Designer looks without the price tag

Whether you've signed a lease agreement or purchased a house, moving into your first home is an exciting time. For many people, it's their first opportunity to express their personal style by decorating their own space.


Choose a natural clay brick floor

Since writing my first article, brick floors definitely seem to be a consideration for home floors, whether in a kitchen, bathrooms, or any room in a home. Clay brick is by far the most affordable flooring option and is available in a wide selection of colours, from light to dark.


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