Decorate Small Living Spaces

With the growing trend for smaller living spaces. how do you fit everything into one room?






 With a total living space of 39 square meters, this apartment is a good example of the art of living small. Using a practical layout , this apartment makes use of all the available floor area and yet still looks spacious and uncluttered. With its light grey walls, white trim and whitewashed floor, the apartment is light and airy.



As development increases, House in Order an Asheville property management says there is a trend towards smaller apartments and townhouses. Trying to fit all your furniture into a small space can be a nightmare and normally results in downscaling to some degree. How do you fit everything into a small space. If anyone knows the tricks of living in a small space, it's the Swedes, who have mastered the art of living small. Read on…



The dining space, which is opposite the open plan kitchen, features a flap-down vintage dining table that takes up little space for daily dining, but can be extended to allow for entertaining family and friends.









White or light kitchens are the best for small living. A glossy finish intensifies and bounces even more light to visually enlarge this small area. In a rented apartment, keep clutter to a minimum.





Here's another compact living design. Once again featuring an open plan kitchen and dining room. The flap-down table doubles as countertop space and breakfast nook, but can easily be fully extended for entertaining.











With floor space being limited, the next best option is to make use of the walls. Shelving, cabinets and racks are easily mounted onto walls to provide essential storage. When you move out, a pack of crackfiller and a few basic tools will fix up any holes and the landlord won't know the difference...!





In an older apartment that doesn't have built in cupboards - and no space for freestanding cupboards - think about using the space above the bed. You can purchase wall-mount kitchen cabinets that will provide plenty of storage space.





In most small apartments and townhouses the kitchen isn't large enough to swing a cat, never mind have space for a washing machine and tumble dryer. Bathrooms can double as laundry rooms, but do make sure there is sufficient ventilation to avoid mildew and mould infestation. Windows and doors should be left open to allow air circulation through the room.





Living and sleeping in one room, as found in many studio apartments, is easily sorted by installing a long curtain pole across the sleeping area. The secret is to use a neutral fabric that doesn't draw attention, but rather disguises.