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How to stencil and paint a zebra rug

I have been longing for a zebra print rug for ages and finally bought myself a large piece of canvas dropcloth and some Rust-Oleum Universal metallic in pure gold so that I can make my own zebra print rug. Once you've got the design done, painting and finishing your own zebra print rug is quite easy.


You don't have to use a canvas dropcloth for your zebra rug, you can also paint the design onto a creamy cow hide for a more lasting rug, all depends on how much you want to spend on creating your own unique zebra print rug. Additionally, you can use any colour to paint the stripes for your zebra rug, using any acrylic craft paint, but I want to have metallic stripes on my rug.

You can also choose the finish you want for your zebra rug. I love the look of this metallic design shown above and below, so I'm going to use Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint in pure gold to make the rug.




Start off by deciding how big you want the rug to be. You can use the design above to draw the shape onto your drop cloth with a pencil. To make it easier, fold the canvas in half so that you only have to draw half the design and then cut this out with sharp scissors.

To make the rug stiffer it helps to paint the entire canvas with a primer coat of paint before adding the design. You can use any acrylic paint for the primer coat and you can also choose a colour here if you want to. Apply the paint with a paintbrush, making sure to brush the paint well into the cloth.

Once the primer coat is dry you can use a pencil to transfer the zebra stripes onto the fabric. It helps to print out the design and use this as a guide as you complete the pattern.

This part can be a bit messy, so pop on a pair of disposable gloves. Spray a small amount of spray paint into a container, so that you can use this with a paintbrush to paint the stripes onto the fabric. The paint dries fairly quickly, so don't put too much in your container in one go. Spray more spray paint into the container as and when you need it.

Note that this rug is purely for decorative use and not for high traffic areas. However, you can apply a coat of clear acrylic sealer over the top of the rug if you want to be able to wipe the rug clean. The only problem with applying a sealer over the top, is that it tends to dull the metallic gold effect, so it's entirely up to you.