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Single room studio or open plan living

Marie Burgos Design offers insight into how a studio apartment or open plan living space can be beautifully decorated and defined. This studio apartment defines luxurious yet is a practical and affordable design that any apartment dweller can achieve.


With the designer's instinctive implementation of Feng Shui in all of her designs, she incorporated fundamental Feng Shui principles, the five natural elements and the concept of yin and yang to create the lay out that would bring in the perfect energy flow. Beautiful wood floorings, numerous light sources, clean lines, combination of straight and curvy shapes, vibrant colours, metal, white and glass pieces and modern art pieces create an interesting gallery which gives this space its striking appeal.

With the exception of bedrooms and bathroom, this studio apartment features open-plan living in the kitchen, dining and living space. Notice the frosted glass on the lower half of all windows and how it allows privacy. By keeping the dining room furniture and upholstered pieces in the same colour this room has a natural flow and balance even though each particular space is clearly defined.

This open space has been designed to accommodate the perfect lifestyle for entertaining, gathering with friends and family, relaxing and working.

The design is based on a simple colour palette to keep the space flowing, open, lit and clutter free.

White, silver and glass are the base elements, blue and lavender are the accent colours. The blue rug provides a sea of tranquility with it's soothing colour. The sectional sofa takes centre stage while an accent lamp over arches the sofa. The silver arc lamp introduces another architectural dimension, accentuating the grandeur of the space.

Concealed within the living area the office space showcases an opaque glass desk and white leather office chair.





Get the look:

Cushions in a plain chenille fabric in muted jewel tones and neutrals tie together the rug and add a splash of colour without overpowering the neutral backdrop. You will find affordable cushions and at most home decor stores, and there's always an option to make your own cushions for less.

Love the contemporary coffee table, and so easy to take on as a DIY project. For finishing, take a look at the Rust-Oleum range of 2X gloss and satin sprays for the top and shelf, and Rust-Oleum Universal Metallics for the legs. Find Rust-Oleum on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse.

High-impact artwork mounted above the flat-screen TV draws the eye up, lessening the importance of the TV and emphasising the artwork. The artwork is the eye catcher that can be admired from every angle of the room.

See the range of Easy Tint window films at your local Builders Warehouse. Priced from R450 up, you can choose from frosted, charcoal and reflective window films that are easy to apply. In the latest issue of Easy DIY magazine I will be showing you how to apply these window tints, so keep an eye out for this issue.

Simple, modern and practical with its wood, metal and glass cabinets and appliances, the kitchen matches the decor perfectly. Mimic the look of steel or aluminium with Rust-Oleum's Specialty Stainless Steel. Great for refinishing the exterior of appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, accessories and more!

Tile a backsplash with brushed stainless steel mosaic tile. Mosaic tiles are fairly simple to install if you take the time to prepare in advance.

A brushed stainless steel finish is easier to maintain than a glossy finish and will not show scratches as easily.