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Sofa or sectional lounge suite?

A great sofa or sectional lounge suite should help set the tone for a room - but first it has to fit through the door. If your space has narrow doorways, tight stairs or other architectural obstacles, try a sectional sofa. With smaller, individual pieces, a sectional can provide ample seating without the hassle of accommodating a large single-piece sofa.


Consider your seating needs
Think about how you'd like to use your sofa. Will you sit on it every day? Would you use it mainly for entertaining guests? Do you like to lounge, or do you prefer a tighter, more tailored back? Factor in arm height when you're making your sofa selection. Sofas with a low arm profile are more comfortable for occasional naps and casual seating.

Choose the right fabric
Choosing the fabric for your sofa can be the most fun - and sometimes the most daunting - part of sofa shopping. You'll want to consider not just the colour, but also the texture and finish of the fabric. Something else to consider when shopping for a sofa or sectional lounge suite is to have the piece treated with Scotch Guard. By having your sofa or sectional treated in this way you reduce spoils and stains.





Size, shape and style
Arm yourself. Remember, left-arm and right-arm configurations refer to the sofa when you're facing it, not sitting on it. Make sure it fits. Take down the measurements for a specific sectional and then tape out these measurements on the floor. This will help you quickly and easily map out room configuration options.

An L-shaped sectional with chaise lets you and your guests talk face to face while leaving ample room for a coffee table in the centre. Ideal in large or open rooms, this cosy configuration defines a dedicated conversation area and sets a laid-back tone for any gathering.

Modular sectionals use multi-functional ottomans for seating that won't block anyone's view. Ottomans can be built into a sectional grouping for open seating, used as traditional footrests or even as coffee tables. Wedges, corners and chaises let you build a sectional that maximises seating and accommodates a room's traffic patterns and architectural features.