Add privacy with doors

There's more to these doors than meets the eye. If you need to create extra privacy in your home, look at inspiring ways to incorporate doors - without hinges!


Need privacy?

The door that isn't a door
This door isn't just a door - it also functions as a wall. A white-panelled sliding door does double duty in this master bedroom, separating the bedroom from the master bath. The white doors are hung on Hillaldam Top Hung Rollers and are easy to slide open and closed - available at Builders Warehouse. When shopping for doors, look for a style that complements your existing decor.

Hidden Pantry Doors
These dining room doors open up to a butler's pantry. But when they're closed, these tall double doors blend right in with the walls of the dining room. This visual trick essentially hides the doors, allowing them to blend into the surroundings.



Slide-open Convenience
This salvaged panelled wooden door, suspended from a barn-style track, creates a sliding entryway to a walk-in closet in this master bedroom suite. The door's four-panel styling suits the traditional flavor of the house. Black hardware and hinges add visual interest.

Wing-wall Interior Door
This door doesn't appear to be a door when it is fully opened. In fact, this master bedroom door is a square of painted wood, which, when open, looks like a wing wall and, when closed, disappears into the pane of the wall. This modern approach to an interior door is as architecturally pleasing as it is functional.

Rustic Plank Door
An interior door can set the tone for a room. Here, a rustic plank door with simple braces at the top and bottom adds to the character of this Mediterranean-style home. (In early colonial d├ęcor, a Z-brace is a common embellishment.) Don't overlook how interior door hardware, such as braces, knobs, or pulls, can complete the look of an interior door.