Awesome Tips in Making Your Home Presentable Always

If you want your home to look presentable at all times, know that there are several easy ways to do that.


Living in this time-and-task driven world would literally mean coping with its fast-paced life and round-the-clock lifestyle. This is so true especially if you are living in a busy metro like New York city. And, if you own a home or if you’ve been living in an apartment, keeping it looking so presentable at all times can be a real challenge. If you want your home to look presentable either because you will have a home party coming up or just want to pump up its curb appeal, know that there are several easy ways to do that.

A presentable home always starts with a clean one. But, such a task could be easier said than done when you are living in a busy city where you have to juggle too many responsibilities in a day. This busy life in a metro has paved the way for businesses like a cleaning service NYC to flourish. Many people prefer to outsource their house cleaning tasks because they find it hard to squeeze it in their daily schedule. But, if you prefer to make your home presentable without the need to shell out some money to pay for professional cleaning services, the following tips will prove to be helpful.

Regularly polish your shutters and front door

It’s important to make a good first impression of your home. And the first thing that will be seen when guests come to your house are your shutters and front door. So, it’s vital to have them regularly polished. Fresh-looking front doors and shutters leaves an amicable ambiance of your home. It gives an impression of having a harmonious home. You can have them painted in glossy black, forest green, or barn red. Painting them a color that will give people a hint of the insides of the home is also a good idea. It’s like you’re giving them a sneak peek of what they’re looking forward to, thus leaving a good first impression.

Make your bathroom cozy

One important factor for a presentable home is having a presentable bathroom too. Living to its name, comfort room must be comfortable. Make your bathroom cozy by cleaning the mirror first. You should also remove the cobwebs up the ceiling or under the sink. You should clear the dust off the towel bars and cabinets. You may utilize microfiber cloth or feather duster. You must also clean the sink and wipe the countertops of your vanity. You should also scrub the shower, floor tiles, as well as the toilet bowl (use toilet brush on this). Make sure that you have emptied the garbage bin. The next thing to do is to sweep and mop the floor. For the final touch, make sure to use a bathroom spray for a clean and fragrant-smelling comfort room.

Get rid of all unsightly things

You must put yourself in the shoes of your guest and ask, “If I were the guest, do I think this thing here looks presentable?”. It can be likened to a self-assessing procedure in making your home as presentable as it can be. Ask yourself from time to time, especially if you see some clutter, grease, dirt, mold, mildew, or stains. If you think it’s unsightly, then get rid of them immediately.

Once you have made your home looking so presentable, everything else will easily flow into order. In turn, decision making will also become much easier to do. You can easily decide what decor is perfect for your upcoming celebration, what recipes to cook and how to make your guests more comfortable.



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