Top Essential Living Room Comforts

Customizing the living room for maximum comfort calls for knowhow and mastery of essential living room comforts


On average, we spend more time in our living rooms than any other section of our homes. Customizing the living room for maximum comfort calls for knowhow and mastery of essential living room comforts, so that after a long working day, and all you are thinking while you head home is how you are going to relax in a zero gravity recliner, you feel comfortable already.

While a standard living room will have couches, seats, a TV and music system, a comfortable one will have the same amenities and extras to bring out the best feeling. Here is a list of what you will find in a comfy and homely living room.

Good lighting

Designing a living room to allow sufficient natural light to filter in is a great step in making your living room pleasant. Windows should be wide enough to allow clear view of outside. Additional overhead lighting comes in handy during the evenings and at night.

High quality furniture

Since we spend more time perched on the couches, their comfort and quality will have a positive impact on how comfortable the living room will be. Premium quality leather or fabric couches feel great, and offer our bodies the gentle comfort they so badly crave for.


Recliners are a cut above the rest in terms of comfort. When you relax in a zero-gravity recliner, while flipping through a copy of the dailies, watching a movie of deep in your own thoughts will give you an unmatched experience. The head rest, lumbar and thigh support of these goddesses leaves you safe from back and neck aches should you doze off. Currently, zero gravity recliners have been equipped with heat therapy, massaging, power adjustment and memory capabilities, a combo that transforms them into ultimate living room comfort thrones.

The floor

A premium floor feels better than a cold one. Investing in good flooring for the living room is a wise move. When seated, and your feet are firmly planted in a soft, warm surface feels great. However, since most apartments have concrete and ceramic floors, they can be covered in fluffy carpets, which solve the coldness and texture issue, and improve general appearance of the living room. Alternatively, you can source for floor mats, with matching colors, which will not only secure your feet from the cold but also beautify your living room. Long-term solutions to the floor, though costlier, may include wood flooring and heated corner to corner carpets.

Climate control

Your living room can get too hot or cold for comfort despite investing heavily in other comfort centered touches and appliances. This may sound absurd for living room comfort but climate control can come in handy during summer and winter. Air conditioning does a good job but may still need a thermostat to give you full control over the temperatures in your living room.When both work in unison, they will keep the room temperatures at an all time best, which will in return improve the comfort off your living room regardless of the extreme temperatures outside. An inbuilt or portable fireplace can be used during chilly weather but may not be suitable when summer comes knocking.

Comfort in your living room will be heightened by the above and make it a haven for your household.



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