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6 Lighting Trends For Every Home

As we move into the summer - a season when everyone tends to entertain more - we take a look at lighting trends for this year and what the trendy homeowner should be looking at when decorating a home.


Mixed Metals

Metallics continue to be front and centre for lighting trends in the second half of the year. The trend for metallic shades on lamps and pendants gives any home an urban-industrial atmosphere that complements almost any style of decor. Gold and copper adds a warm glow while silver and steel add that industrial edge.

Streamline Design

With thin wire design in many modern light fittings, it's possible to create a dramatic light feature in a home, such as in a double-volume space or staircase.

Bold Design

Lighting design has moved away from conventional chandelier design towards a statement piece - an eye-catching feature that instantly brightens up any room.

Geometric Styling

If you're looking for dramatic Mid-century Modern aesthetics, the choice of pendant lamp no longer needs to be something you have to hunt high and low to find. These pendant designs aren't just for contemporary homes - their simplistic design makes them an eye-catching feature in any room.

Energy Efficient

Lighting continues to move towards move energy efficient lighting, and LED is a lighting technology that is becoming increasingly affordable for the average homeowner. Choose WARM whites to create an inviting atmosphere that complement warm metallic hues.

Easy Lighting

LED strip lights are gaining popularity as an alternative light source that is energy efficient and can easily be installed. You can install LED strip lights under countertops, around mirrors, to light up recessed bulkheads, and so many other areas. Strip light kits come with an adhesive backing that allows for easy installation - almost anywhere. And there are IP67-rated kits that are absolutely waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor installation. See more at


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