The Benefits of Wall Mounting Your TV

We provide three reasons you should switch to wall mounting your new TV and what to consider if you do.





Wall mounting your flatscreen TV comes with major benefits, including extra space and giving it a cleaner look. To ensure a proper and safe installation, you can opt to have a TV mounting service do it for you. Below are the three reasons you should switch to wall mounting your new TV and what to consider if you do.


1. More Space

Wall mounting offers more flexibility when it comes to screen placement. As long as your wall is large enough to suit the screen, you can place your television at any height or angle you prefer. This minimalist look will open up the room and allow you to make better use of your space.

You can turn to a more practical appearance by having cabinets underneath to store your television accessories. With more space, your living room will feel more open and make it easier to move around.

In addition to extra floor space for decorative furniture or children to play around with, the screen placement will allow for better viewing. You can sit more comfortably with fewer distractions in the middle and a more natural line of sight level with the screen.
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2. Improved Safety

Tripping hazards or dangling cords will be out of sight and out of the way inside a wall cavity. The television will also be out of reach of small children or animals who may try to push it off the stand.

If a TV gets pushed off the stand and lands on top of a child, pet, or even an adult, it can lead to concussions or other serious injuries. Unfortunately, accidents like this happen more often than expected with such a commonplace item.

No small hands or paws will be able to reach a screen secured several feet from the ground. As long as the mount installation is correct for the size and weight requirements, the television screen will not fall.


3. Clean Look

You will be able to maximize the space in your room to maintain a cleaner look more easily. A wall-mounted screen has a simple yet sleek appearance. It will become the new centerpiece of the room.

With the television out of the way, you can put more focus on what suits your style rather than matching everything to a clunky TV stand.

With the cords hidden in the wall cavity, you can focus on the screen without the distraction of free-hanging cables. This makes the entertainment space look well organized. You will not even have to worry about cables or additional accessories getting tangled or knotted up.



What to Consider

Before getting your new flatscreen TV wall mounted, it is crucial to go over some considerations.

The structure of your wall and the weight limit of the wall mount must align with the weight of your television. An installation company can ensure that the setup is to the correct specifications so that no injuries or damage to your home can occur.

You will also need to consider the material of the wall you intend to secure with the screen. If the wall is plaster, then attaching the bracket to a solid fix will be the priority. If your wall is brick, TV cables may be harder to run, but the wall will be much stronger.




Wall mounting your flat-screen TV comes with the benefits of extra space, safety, and a cleaner look to your room. So why wait any longer to make the switch? After having a mounted television, you will not want to look back.




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