7 Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room Feel More Luxe

We have compiled a few simple tips that can transform your living room from dull to luxe.


Are you a fan of luxury and sophistication? Pick a room in your house that reflects that side of you. Aside from the kitchen, your living room is the most important room in your home, and you definitely would not want it to look drab. It is indeed where all the living happens. Owners usually re-decorate their living rooms before bedrooms and prioritize them. You surely would like to impress your guests and spend your lazy evenings in a well-kept space.

Fortunately for you, if you are looking for luxury and style, you do not have to break the bank for it.

We have gathered a few simple tips that can transform your living room from dull to luxe.

Play around with lighting

We are sure you agree that lighting is everything when it comes to design. This important concept in space can add depth to your room. You can hang large pendant lights instead of having traditional table lamps, or place candles in pretty containers. Make sure you choose the right shade for your room and include at least three sources of light. You can make your room feel more high end by adding dimmer switches that let you adjust the intensity. Dim lighting will make your space feel warm and cozy and make everything will look better. You can also light up the dark, often neglected corners in your room, which will help turn gloomy areas into positive, uplifting ones.

Hang large scale art

The artsy owners will love this tip. Art gives your space the wow factor with a pop of elegance. Attention-grabbing art tends to spark conversations and make your house look classier. Hit the art galleries, and go for options that are personally significant to you, or maybe invest in the ones that have an interesting backstory. If you are on a budget, keep an eye on flea markets or thrift shops for reasonable prices. You can always get creative by creating and decorating your own piece, too. Sounds chic, doesn’t it?

Invest in a high-quality item

You do not have to own expensive pieces of furniture to guarantee a luxurious look. Sometimes, one or two expensive items can do the trick. Invest in items that come in handmade designs and neutral fabrics. Lounge chairs can create a vibe of class in your living room. Leather chairs are all the rage, and sites like bybespoek.com/eames-lounge-chair offer a selection that comes in different colors and brings style to your house, reflecting an aura of sophistication. What is cool about leather chairs, too, is that they are durable and last longer than other fabrics. You can also have a nice chandelier in your living room that pops out with reflective crystals. Whether your room is contemporary or modern, several chandeliers tend to suit all designs. This decorative piece creates a sense of glamour in most spaces and makes rooms feel more intimate.

Go minimal

With minimalist designs being the trend now, people currently prefer going for simple styles and hanging pieces with value. Over-accessorized rooms tend to look messy and cluttered, and they are very hard to keep clean. Simplified spaces give your room a chic design and feel less burdensome and more peaceful. This means you can throw away or hide whatever you do not need in your living room. Some items can be old, and you may have thought about replacing them anyway. Good news, no need to buy replacements; just keep that space empty. Now you have guaranteed that your expensive elements shine, and you have stayed on budget as well.

Be bold with textiles

Rugs and cushions can create visual intrigue when they are unusual and unique. We recommend you go bold with interesting textiles that will personalize your space. Oversized throws draped in your rooms can also make them look luxurious and unique. Maybe you’ve had your eyes on an antique Turkish rug, or you stumbled upon cute patterned cushions with bright colors. Well, we suggest you wait no longer and buy them.

Tip: you can always be a little daring with these decorative items. Make sure the colors in your room are neutral to enjoy many options in the market.

Display antiques and quality pieces

This one screams out sophistication blended with history. Vintage items tend to look unique, timeless, and beautiful, making your home feel rich and alive. You do not have to spend a fortune to find a good antique item. Head to flea markets to find plenty of options that will give your room a sense of wisdom.

You might want to go for antique boxes or frames. Such accessories are small but can do the trick. They will also make it look like you spent more than you actually did.

Add a few metallic items

Adding a few metallic surfaces to your room is bound to make it look more luxe. An interesting gold framed mirror, a brass table, or a metallic desk clock will make your space looks more expensive. This glitz and glam option will have you thinking you just walked into a celebrity’s home. Metallic pieces can also suit different tastes and designs. For industrial design lovers, you can include metallic tables. For contemporary and vintage elements, opt for metallic mirrors or frames that feature a bit of patina. You can also infuse your space with small golden lamps and gold-trimmed display shelves. With its mirror-like shine, silver is also an option if you’re not a fan of gold. Silver designs can soften cool metals and blends well with wooden furniture.

Tip: make sure you do not overdo it with this one, or it will look a bit too much. A few small items will be more than enough.

We all have different styles and tastes, but almost all of us would like our home to look stylish and chic. Sometimes it takes little effort to transform living rooms from boring to fabulous. All you need to do is be inspired by simple ideas that can surely give you that wow factor you are looking for.




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