8 Ways To Make Your House Look Fresh for Summer

Listed below are eight ways to make your house fresh for the summer.


As summer comes around, you want your house to be ready and fresh. Whether you are preparing to have a relaxing few months or use the opportunity to have plenty of people over, you want to make sure that your house is looking its absolute best. It’s time to get your house out of winter mode and switch it into full gear for the warm weather.

Here are eight ways to make your house fresh for the summer.

Sleek Ceiling Fans

While the summer is great for its warm weather, sometimes that warm weather makes your house a little too hot. Therefore, you must find ways to keep your house cool so you and your guests can tolerate the room you are in. Air conditioning units can be pricey and inefficient, therefore, you can look into getting ceiling fans installed in some of your rooms. According to the experts at Modernfanoutlet.com, a ceiling fan can help to circulate air more naturally and better than a standard air conditioning unit would. Not only that, but ceiling fans are not as ugly and bulky as they once were. You have thousands of options for a good ceiling fan in your home and therefore can get one that suits your décor perfectly. Keep you and your guests cool with good ceiling fans in the house.

Repaint Your Walls

If you want something new and exciting, look to bring in new wall colors with the season. The summer tends to be a brighter season so look to keep the mood light by repainting several of your walls in a lighter color. These colors allow for sunlight to bounce around the room more and can create a much roomier feel. For an added bonus, look to paint one of the walls in the room a bold darker color. This accent wall will help the room pop and that bit of darker color will not take away from the summer vibe within your home. Use this upcoming season as a great opportunity to change up the walls and breathe new life into your home.

Lighter Bedding

One of the worst experiences you can have while attempting to sleep is being unbearably hot. While someone might say just take the blankets off, others will reply by saying that they are unable to fall asleep without their blankets. As summer approaches, ditch the heavy duvet covers and opt for something light like a cotton blanket. These will allow you to sleep with a soft blanket while allowing for circulation. You can also have the bedding designed to fit the overall theme of the room. If you’ve been to a hotel, you understand how the bedding that they use is just as important as the furniture for décor. Therefore, look to grab bedding that is a lighter color and will help to accent the joys of the summer season. Keep a spare blanket or two nearby in case you get chilly one night. It is better to be in a situation where you need more blankets than to be too hot. Ditch the winter blankets and get your bed summer-ready with well patterned and designed bedding.

Build a Deck

Backyard hangouts are becoming all the rage, and as summer approaches, you can expect that people will want to be outside. By building a small deck, you can become the talk of your neighborhood while also creating an amazing new look for your home. These decks are great for barbecues and parties and the wood and colors you choose can accent your house in a great way. Bring your house into the modern age with a great deck that everyone can lounge around on.

New Curtains

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The summer months are all about embracing the sunlight and getting your rooms as well lit as possible. In this case, why not take a look into replacing those old dirty curtains with new sleek ones? Curtains can set the tone of a room and high wide curtains not only look elegant but allow for a large amount of natural lighting to come into the room. Choose a color that fits in with the theme of the room and get yourself a curtain rod that is several inches wider than the window itself. Place the rod high above the window also, allowing the curtains to barely touch the ground. New curtains can help give your home a modern look while bringing in the sunlight your room desperately needs for summer.

An Area Rug

Hardwood and laminate flooring have been all the rage in homes and are the classic look one desires for a cottage or any warm getaway. These types of floors, however, can lack personality when overused. Therefore, look to get a small area rug that you can add to your room to give it a small amount of flavor and spice. Look to match it to the other furniture and put it in an area that complements the surrounding furniture well. Add in a light-colored rug to bring in the summer and warm weather.

Modernize Your Kitchen

As summer comes about, upgrade your kitchen with the latest stainless-steel appliances. These appliances not only will have a great deal of use, but also helps to make your kitchen look modern and professional. As summer brings about hot weather, look to get yourself a coffee maker so you can prepare ice coffees, or a soda maker so you can add carbonation to any of your beverages. By upgrading your kitchen for the summer, you can ensure that your home will be a talking point for the months to come.

Bring Plants Inside

What some people love about summer the most are the beautiful flowers and plants that grow and blossom. Look to bring in some roses and other flowers and scatter them around the house, making sure they are getting adequate sunlight and water. These plants can help to bring a more natural look in your rooms and help to give a room a little flair without bringing in too much attention. You can also grab a nice vase to add an accent to your plants. Bring some of nature’s beauty inside with some nice plants.

With so many ways to prepare for the summer, there is no reason why your house shouldn’t be looking fresh. Walk around each room and try to envision how you would want it to look and start from there. Soon, you’ll have the summer house of your dreams. What room are you going to change first?



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