Select the right carpet for the right room

Carpets add comfort and warmth to your home, providing a luxurious, yet durable foundation for your décor and lifestyle.


Whether you’re after toe-wriggling warmth in your bedroom, soft cushioning and safety in baby’s room, sound-proofing your study, texture and style in the lounge and stainproof durability in the living or dining rooms, its important to select the right carpet for your area. Belgotex Carpets provide tips to select the right carpet for the right room:

Which area in my home am I carpeting?
Your new carpet must suit the area you're covering. High traffic areas like entrance halls or passageways need durable carpets with patterns or textures such as Marakesh or Superweave from Belgotex Carpets to hide soiling between vacuuming. Softer carpets like the plush, cutpile Heather Bliss or chunky Royal Berber suit bedrooms or lounges where comfort is more important.

Match your carpet to your lifestyle
Select a carpet that caters to your family lifecycle. As a single student or young professional, your needs will be much different from newlyweds or a young family with crawling babies, pets or elderly parents. Likewise, these priorities will change as you get older. Are you looking for high fashion style and comfort, low-maintenance convenience or safety Choose a carpet made from a yarn that suits your lifestyle and family environment.

For instance, if you have dogs or children, choose one made from an impermeable yarn such as SDX or Stainproof Miracle Fibre that’s bleach-resistant and stain-proof.

If you’re a couple looking for a luxurious bedroom carpet, then you can safely opt for one of the more chunky Berbers or space-dyed carpets since it won’t have as much traffic or dirt and the chances of staining and marks is reduced.



Carpets made from Solution Dyed Nylon yarns, such as SDX and Stainproof Miracle Fibre are engineered to be stain- and bleach-resistant. The colour is added to the molten solution so its not just skin-deep, like a carrot that is orange to the core. This is the reason they are colourfast and can be cleaned with bleach and water without the worry of fading or discolouring.

Consider the amount of traffic
Be careful to select the right grade of carpet for the amount of traffic in the area where it will be laid – it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a plush cut-pile or hardwearing loop-pile carpet, it’s whether its graded heavy residential, medium commercial or light that will determine the wear and durability you can expect for that particular carpet.

What is the area used for?
The function and frequency of use is an important factor to consider when deciding what type of carpet to choose for that room. For example, will your kids be lying on the carpet doing homework? Or will guests be marching in and out of your home? Will there be people eating and drinking there? Will there be a lot of heavy furniture or will you retreat to your sound-proof sanctuary?

Carpets appear one shade lighter when laid and change between different sources of light. Lighter colours create an airy, spacious feel while darker ones feel more cosy and intimate. Also, blue, grey or green palettes tend to be cooling, while browns, red and yellow undertones are warming. Plain or lighter colours are best suited for rooms where soiling is less prevalent. Textured and multi-coloured carpets should be used in high traffic areas and areas adjacent to external doors, to hide dirt.

Decorators recommend a 60:30:10 ratio when selecting primary, secondary and accent colours. Next to walls, your floor contributes around 30% to your overall décor scheme so should be in a complementary colour that will last longer than the hottest shade this season and suit your lifestyle.

Cut-pile, loop-pile or needlepunch
This refers to the carpet yarn’s construction and can affect wear patterns but has little to do with its durability. Cut-pile carpets are perfect for bedrooms or lounges where comfort and luxury is paramount. Their deep thick pile adds super-soft comfort underfoot with a plush texture that oozes sophisticated indulgence while insulating against cold.

Not only will they help reduce your heating bill, but carpets also improve the acoustics of a room by absorbing both ambient 'white' noise or impact noise such as footsteps from high heels or dropped items, creating a haven of tranquility – perfect for home theatre systems, kids bedrooms or studies where you want peace and quiet

Suited for high traffic areas, durable loop pile carpets are ideal for hallways, TV rooms, studies or busy households. Offering a practical solution that adds both comfort and convenience, loop pile carpets disguise everyday dirt and soiling until the next vacuuming, whilst simultaneously being comfortable and warm enough to sit on. Belgotex Carpets’ modern hi-tech ranges made from Stainproof Miracle Fibre guarantee pace of mind against inevitable stains or marks.

Needlepunch ranges such as Timbavati Ultra and Color Rib are a very hardwearing, tougher style for heavy traffic areas like halls and stairways. This type of carpet tends to be slighter harder underfoot but is extremely durable and resistant to soiling.