4 Decorating Tricks to Brighten Up Your Home

In this article, we offer four suggestions well worth considering, in order to brighten up your home.




It’s a sad fact of life that the minute something is new, it begins the process of aging. Our homes may have once looked vibrant, fresh and pristine, but may now show signs of wear and tear. Some people opt to move house or replace everything, while others find ways to spruce up what they already have. This article makes four suggestions well worth considering, in order to brighten up your home.


Have a false ceiling installed

Rooms with high ceilings can be cold and expensive to heat. The acoustics can be poor, and there can be a need for the room to feel more compact. Once fitted, a false ceiling can be painted and have new lighting added, be it chandeliers, pendant lights or strip lights. Besides discussing such subjects as decor, lighting and design, the professionals at https://www.justdiydecor.com recommend having a false ceiling, as it can hide such things as wires and existing ceiling cracks. Lighting can be concealed above the false ceiling as well. In addition to the brightness gained from new white paint, natural light will also be enhanced.


Apply fresh coats of paint

When people change a room colour from dark to light, they are often amazed at how spacious it now looks. Rooms that formerly looked dull and tired now take on a new life of their own.

If the entrance hall colour doesn’t match the rest of downstairs, consider changing it. Children will be excited when their bedrooms have a makeover of bright new colours.

When a house is up for sale, people often apply a new coat of paint here and there. It should particularly be in the entrance way, where it can help with first impressions and hide scratches and scuff marks. Don’t go too mad with the painting though, as new occupants often redo the room colours anyway.


Upcycle your existing furniture

People often replace their furniture unnecessarily. If the current items are providing the required storage, all that is needed is to modify the outside. When furniture receives a fresh coat of paint, stain, varnish or even wallpaper it can be totally transformed in appearance. Unpleasant things like scratches and stains can become hidden.

Furniture that doesn’t fit the colour of the room can be repainted so that it does. Chairs can be reupholstered and fresh cushion covers purchased. A settee or futon can be protected and enhanced by purchasing a throw to go over it.



Decorate with plants

Freshly cut flowers can brighten up a room, filling it with a beautiful fragrance. Indoor plants don’t need masses of attention, yet they look great when flowering. Choose plants that match the room colours, and use pots which suit the decor, be it modern or retro.

Cacti can look great in modern homes, and orchids can flower for a really long time. Where there is plain wallpaper in a room, why not venture into stencilling using floral designs too.

Visitors will be delighted when they come round and see the newly painted rooms and the display of house plants. They will admire the false ceiling and be wowed by the refurbished furniture. New life can be put into old things, and home can feel even more precious than before.



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