Southwest Area Rugs: Why They Are Becoming A New Home Decorating Trend

The rustic elements, tribal patterns, rich textures, and earthy color palettes make the Southwestern decor very appealing.


In desert and western style modern decor, Southwest area rugs are hitting the market in a big way. This down to Earth decorating style provides the combination of natural elements with some modern, sleek pieces to make the overall really pop. The rustic elements, tribal patterns, rich textures, and earthy color palettes make the Southwestern decor very appealing. This style of decor is often found in the homes of Arizona and New Mexico however, it's sweeping the nation as it catches on in recent years.

The goal of this decor heat wave is surrounding yourself with organic, natural fibers and Earth tones. It's a very warm and natural setting with that rustic western style. The color palette of the Southwestern style design lends itself to having that desert feel. It can be colorful but yet natural at the same time. Pottery is a big part of the Southwest and there are many unique and fun pottery pieces that can be combined with Southwest area rugs. Addition of various colors of the Native American style can better pull in the room. For reference, most modern Southwest area rugs today are coming from

Combine Other Rustic Western Accents With Your Southwest Area Rugs

Many times large distressed furniture combined with some modern-day leather makes a Southwest rug the perfect option. Southwest rugs come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs to fit anyone's needs. Consider adding some throws, pillows or small decorative elements that have that southwest feel. Leather, silver and natural stone can really bring out that feel of natural beauty. And, that's what the modern Southwestern design is all about, natural, Earthy, colorful Native American inspired design and beauty.

When the decorating is done properly the elements should just gel together naturally. The modern-day Western decor is taking the world by sand storm and you don't have to endure the 100-degree weather to enjoy it. It can be anywhere in the world but needs to be done correctly to get the proper look.

Most southwestern rugs are full of geometric shapes and designs. Putting something like this down can really tie the entire room together and be a good starting point for the palette of the room. Look for various hues that the rug offers that will be a good guide for other accents. And, of course, stick with accents that are more natural to the Southwestern environment. Rustic polished wooden bowls, for example, have the old-time feel with the modern twist.

Leather is important!

Leather is a great addition to the room and it's not just for furniture. Get playful with the leather by adding cabinet pulls or curtain tie backs. Combine this with some natural themed artwork in the appropriate colors to finish off the room and tie it all together. Many times abstract paintings look really well with the rug design. Don't be afraid to experiment with various designs to see what works with our space.

Remember, it's about being natural. Wood, stone, silver are great things to incorporate into your Southwest look. Distressed textures, as well as patina colors, are great too. Most of all, have fun, don't get too stuffy with the entire project and don't be afraid to try different things out.



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