A Fireplace Without Wood? These Designs You Won't Want To Miss

If you’re in the mood, and your budget allows it, to remodel your home, a fireplace is one thing you need to consider


If you’re in the mood, and your budget allows it, to remodel your home, a fireplace is one thing you need to consider. You can either add a brand new one or restore your old fireplace to fit your needs. Today, many people are becoming more aware of the environmental hazards that come with having a traditional wood fireplace. They may look pretty, but their heating properties aren’t that great and they’re not energy efficient. If you’re in the mood to roast chestnuts by the open fire this winter season while staying eco-friendly, then look no further. Below are fireplace design alternatives that are not wood.

Electric Fireplaces

If you’re in the market to buy a brand new fireplace, then consider the electric one; they’re cost-effective, easy to install, and eco-friendly. All you need is the right voltage and you’ll be able to turn your heating on or off easier than you think. Some units actually offer other options like sound or visual effects that control the blaze. You can also regulate the temperature with a remote-control to what fits your heating desires. They can come in a mantle design, resembling wood-burning fireplaces, or they can be installed within your entertainment center. As an added benefit, it won’t create a smoky smell or endanger the environment, plus they’re perfect for the right aesthetic appeal.

Ethanol Fireplaces

These types of fireplaces have become very popular among environmentally conscious homeowners or those who are looking for a modern and contemporary fireplace. They’re famous for being easy to install as well as how easy they are to move around by being portable. In addition, modern ethanol fireplaces are known for their ability to be customized into any contemporary design you like. They can be traditionally wall-mounted, inserted into your old fireplace, or they can be a medium-sized tabletop feature for indoors or outdoors to create the perfect ambiance. These fireplaces can be fueled by alcohol gel that is applied easily within the unit and they can provide the right amount of warmth up to 4 hours before you need to re-apply the gel again. They produce real burning and crackling fire similar to wood-burning ones, but without unwanted smoke. They’re easy to maintain and clean, and you’ll be saving the environment!

Gas Fireplaces

This type of fireplace has the ability to create a wood-burning fire without real wood; you can use fake wood and they’ll create real flames just the same. However, they require the right infrastructure within your home so it might be a little time-consuming. If you have a chimney, then you can install pipes within the unit to fuel it with propane. Because a ventilation system also needs to be installed, they’re not as portable as other fireplaces. However, a vent-free gas fireplace can be easily installed but will require more cleaning time. A gas fireplace can produce a blue flame and will warm up your home well. You can also regulate the temperature without electricity; they’re energy-efficient and come at an affordable price.

Customize your Own Fireplace

As with any home-remodeling needs, you need to fully think about what you really want in terms of its design, how it fits within your home, and what kind of work they require to install or clean. Consider your home’s structure and decide on what type of heating you require; you don’t need to endanger the environment to establish a warm home. There are many alternatives, as mentioned above, for fireplaces that will give you the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for as well as being eco-friendly.



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