Living room storage ideas

There are so many wonderful ways to add storage to a living room. The only problem that we are faced with here in SA, is to find a local supplier. Ah well, if all else fails you could always make some of these yourself.


The light sand shade of the units pictured above is an ideal partner for many wooden surfaces - both light and dark stains - and it has particular charm next to white, black or dark brown surround. Enhance the TV unit with a compartment for CDs and/or DVDs so that you always have your favourite music and films at hand but out of sight. Floating wall shelves provide more storage space.

For those who prefer a more natural finish, oak-stained laminated pine or PG Bison MelaWood provide an easy solution. Angular shelves with white or black panels make interesting combinations. To create this look you can use Perspex or Rust-Oleum Lacquer Spray on glass.



With a basic design in mind, it's easy to craft your own combinations to suit your exact storage requirements, and available space. Use your imagination and your DIY skills to build unique storage shelves and cabinets. Different board products such as BisonLamp or SuperLam - black, and MelaWood - maple, can be incorporated into a display unit that is both functional and eyecatching.