Tips for Creating More Space in Your Dorm Room

For some students living in dorms the coziness of their room doesn’t matter but there are those who while studying should be inspired by the comfortable environment. If you are the second type, this article is right for you.



Ah, college! A few weeks before the beginning of the semester, many students start thinking of the ways to update the dorm room. A lot of difficulties may arise due to the lack of knowledge regarding the right space planning. So we decided to provide you with a few creative ideas, which will help you to arrange a tiny dorm room to maximize room space in a short time and with little effort to make.


Get rid of excess

Before you begin to reorganize your space, you need to throw out all unnecessary things. Even if you work more productively at an uncleaned table, getting rid of what does not bring any good will be a plus. This applies to everything: working papers, stationery, old clothes, etc. - try to do the necessary minimum. Throw out as much as you can - this first step will save you lots of space. Do general cleaning every month and keep it clean regularly. Choose the most convenient schedule for yourself (for example, 15 minutes at the end of each working day or an hour on Friday) and stick to it!


Deal with papers and documents

Let's be honest - paper is the main source of garbage in students’ rooms. If you keep old notebooks from the courses, you have already finished, and books that you no longer read, you should get rid of them. If you keep a book only for what might be useful in the future, for example, to write an essay sometime, you should throw it away, give to charity or sell!


Use boxes and other storage tools.

After you deal with the papers, pay attention to other items in your space. It’s better not to keep everything in the room all the time, hide everything away, and there will be more space and less dust. Keep everything in boxes, shelves, cabinets, and chest of drawers. Boxes, folders, and storage containers are inexpensive (they can be found in IKEA or any other local shop), but they will help in creating more space both on the desk and in the whole room.


Arrange Extra Storage Space

This advice is needed primarily for those who search for ways to save space in a dorm room. If your place is in chaos only on weekends, it’s not so drastic, but still, it is better to have more space to be as clean as possible. You should add hanging shelves above the table or arrange additional storage underneath. Use the boxes for unseasonal clothes and shoes and keep them under your bed.


Use Transformer Furniture

Now there is a huge selection of furniture that can save space. For example, a small coffee table can turn into a large dining table. There are tables with hidden shelves and drawers, foldout couches and many more.


Use Vertical Space

The vertical surfaces in the dorm room harbor enormous storage potential. The point is to store things in piles not horizontally, but vertically. With this arrangement, things take up less space and are easier to get. For example, keep organizers on your doors for any small pieces, accessories, hats, etc. Keep clothes in the chest of drawers vertical! You will be surprised, how much free space you will have!

Generally, if you get serious about making more space for your tiny dorm room, you will easily find the decision that fits your needs the best. Do not be sorry and throw away everything old and not necessary. Reorganize the space in the way storing the things vertically as much as you can. Find each item its own place to keep - and may you be happy!





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