Beautiful investments

Many homeowners are looking at antiques as investment pieces that offer their home a one-of-a kind look. Some are stepping out of the box by using special pieces beyond their original intention. And more and more are incorporating antiques into their modern-style homes, creating a more eclectic look by mixing the old and new.


Incorporating antiques allows the innovation of contemporary design without it feeling too sterile.



Timeless pieces - Multiple uses
As antique European buffets and chests become a beautiful alternative to build-ins, homeowners with an eye for investment find they add a mix of timeless tradition and personal taste to the home. But the trick is finding the perfect piece for the function.

Matching buffets become his and hers dressers for one buyer, a display space for family pictures for another or a credenza with a table for a home office. Mixing style has become the industry standard, and it’s all about functionality.

Antiques tame high-tech
While today’s homeowners embrace technology, antiques offer a sophisticated way to soften hard lines. The sight of a 2007 Sony Bravia flat-screen TV on top of an antique commode with mitered corners embellished with gadrooned leaf, volute and acanthus motifs, is quite common and much more eye-catching than mounted directly to the wall. Some homeowners even go as far as cutting a slit out of the top and installing a remote controlled plasma lifter capable of hiding the TV altogether. Others will drop a sink in a Louis Philippe chest and sets it in the bathroom, or make minor alterations to a oak buffet to transform it into a gorgeous bar. The top piece mounts to the wall and serves as the cabinet while the bottom half is set on wheels and rolls out to serve drinks from a second set of doors cut from the back panel.

Something special
Whether it be a treasured antique Riempie, an old dresser that has been in the family for hundreds of years, or a collection of tribal masks, putting "just a few important, exquisite antiques in your home is a beautiful investment that ties antiques and modern living together for a look that is chic, personal and timeless.

Antique mirrors work great in contemporary homes, as do ethnic items. Just by choosing something out of context, you have added a personal stamp to your interiors.

Create the look: