Elevate Your Space: The Unmatched Beauty of Hand-Painted Art

We explore why hand-painted canvases remain the ultimate decor choice for those seeking to infuse their homes with unparalleled beauty and character.


Gold or silver metallic frame for mirror - on the cheap!

Have been wanting to make a dramatic mirror frame for quite a while and after seeing this shimmering silver metallic frame I decided this was the one I wanted to make.


Easy Macramé Framed Mirror

Here's a gift you can make that will make a family member or friend very happy and this macramé-framed mirror shouldn't cost much and is easy to make.


Make a Starfish Mobile Wall Hanger

Collect driftwood from the beach on your next holiday to make this decorative starfish wall hanger.


Wanting to try a New Hobby? You will love Macramé

Even though craft trends come and go, one craft that pops up every so often over the years is macramé and it is still just as popular in 2023 as it was over a thousand years ago.

Add Some Spice to a Kitchen with Digitally-Printed Art!

Digital printing allows you to take any image and bring it to life as art for the home, and in this article, we look at adding some spice to heat up the kitchen.

Wooden Picture Frames That Are Easy To Make

Use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to make these easy wooden picture frames to hang on the wall for all your family photos.

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Easy to Make Textured Artwork for a Home

The latest craze for art is textured art, and it is one that can be easily copied to make your own personal artwork for a home.

How to Make a Floating Picture Frame

Framing artwork has never been easier if you learn how to make a floating wooden frame similar to the ones shown here.

Make a Decorative Mirror for over your Festive Bar Trolley

The festive season is all about celebration and in this project, you can make this glam decorative mirror to hang above your bar cart for a dash of glitz this Christmas.

Decorating with Multi Panel Canvas Prints

Below, you will find ideas on how to decorate your space with a split-panel print and show different types and themes of art.

DIY Large Format Art for a Home

Big and bold can be used to describe this DIY large format art display for a home and it is super easy to make as well!

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How to Make Your Own Mounted Canvas

You can save a lot of money by making custom mounted canvas for yourself and they look just as good - if not better - than readymade mounted canvas.

DIY Picture Frame Ideas you can Make

With everything going up in price there couldn't be a better time to take out your tools to make your own home decor and we have a selection of DIY picture frames that you can make.

Use Fabric to Make Unique Art for your Walls

There are many mediums when it comes to art but one that is easy, simple, and affordable is to use fabric for unique wall art.

5 Tips for Rocking Black and White Wall Art

Here are five suggestions for optimal arrangement of monochrome art as decorative items that please the eye and establish an atmosphere of calming good taste.

How to Hang Pictures Straight on a Wall

When you want to create a gallery wall or hang pictures on a wall, you need to get them straight and we show you a very easy way to do this.

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Easy DIY Ledge Shelves to Display Art

Use hanger bolts to hang floating shelves on the wall without any visible brackets or screws.

How to use Mirrors in the Home for Best Effect

Mirrors remain an essential component of interior design and there are plenty of ways to use mirrors of any shape or size to your advantage.

Quick Project: Make a Stylish Wood Picture Frame

Framing your favourite photographs require an equally beautiful frame in which to mount them, and this wood picture frame perfectly fits the bill.

How To Make Your Own Affordable Wall Gallery

We show you how to make or buy affordable picture or photo frames to create a personal wall gallery in your home.

Quick Project: Make Tie-Dye Art for a Gallery Wall

Using the tie-dye or Shibori method, it's so easy to make your own interesting art for a wall gallery.

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Quick Project: Create A Stunning Feature Headboard Using Art

When you are not satisfied with a plain headboard and would prefer something a little more eye-catching, why not think about using a piece of art?

Make a Mirror Wall Feature for a Living Room

You might think that mirror walls are old fashioned, but this project puts a new spin on a plain mirror wall design for a modern touch.

How Luxurious Will Your Home Look With An Antique Mirror?

Antique mirrors and mirror furniture will give your space style and transform your home instantly.

Knock-off designer metallic mirror frame

Bought for over R1000, you can easily make this beautiful mirror at a fraction of the cost with a few materials and supplies that can be found at your local Builders.

Use Full Length Mirrors to Update Home Interior

The reflective properties of these large mirrors give your home a depth and illusion of space that makes your room appear larger than it is, but that's not all...

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How To Stretch and Frame your own Canvas Art

I might be a DIY enthusiast and an avid decorator, but deep at heart, I have always loved creating my own paintings, as well as stretching and framing my canvas for artworks.

Private art gallery

Inhouse was approached to design an art gallery in a previously unused area in a private residence.

Create a Gallery Wall - Even in a Rented Home!

After procrastinating on the topic for too many years, I finally got round to hanging up my wall gallery - and this is a great way to hang art if you rent your home.

Don't take a Risk when Drilling Into Walls

This weekend we were hanging pictures on the staircase wall and had the common sense to use a digital detector before drilling holes... and thank goodness we did!


DIY Affordable Designer Mirrors

Wanting to fill a blank wall, I decided to add some decorative mirrors with a vintage effect to hang onto the wall.

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Make a Canvas Frame

When my son got married, he had some of his wedding photos transferred onto canvas, and now he needs to make the frames for the canvas sheets.


Decorate a Nursery with a Feature Wall

Every new mom and dad wants the perfect nursery and we have put together a selection of feature wall ideas for you.


Paint Pouring Challenge for Cell Art

There is a challenge across the Internet that is for paint pouring to make your own cell art, but before you rush out and spend a fortune on craft supplies... watch these videos.


The beautiful works of Evgenia Ermilova

Evgenia Ermilova uses sculptural painting to create the most beautiful works of art, decorative pieces, decor accessories and wall panels.


Botanical Touches for any Home

Every home deserves some greenery, and home decor stores are filled with botanical-themed accessories that will bring the outdoors indoors.

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Quick Tip: Decorating With Plates

If you collect colourful and patterned plates, mix up your decor by adding unexpected elements to fill a blank wall.


Quick Tip: A True Reflection of Light

Use mirrors to brighten up a dim hallway, dark entrance, pokey bathroom or use them to visually enlarge a room or space.


Art of the home

Buying art is a wonderful way of not only owning art that you love, but also filling your home with the joy these pieces bring.


DIY Wood and glass photo frame

Make your own modern photo frame with wood offcuts and acrylic or glass sheets.


Quick Tip: Interiors shine with a mirror

Mirrors can be used to reflect and bounce light around a room, create the illusion of space, or to let your living spaces shine.

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DIY Shadowboxes

I have a large collection of African art and souvenirs that I pick up at craft fairs. To display these I wanted to make up some shadowboxes. Here's a way to make your own basic shadowboxes.


DIY Shelf Brackets

Given the total lack of choice when it comes to decorative shelf brackets, making your own DIY shelf brackets is the way to go!

DIY Letterbox Picture or Mirror Frame

Here's how to make your own letterbox picture or mirror frame - without using a mitre saw or router. We offer 3 different paint techniques for making a letterbox picture or mirror frame.

Galvanised pipe picture gallery

Use galvanised pipe and fitting to make a rustic picture gallery for a home. Easy to make, this galvanised pipe picture gallery looks wonderful with country, cottage or industrial decor.

Quick Project: Sunburst Mirror

Here's a quick and easy way to turn a circular, framed mirror into a faux gilded sunburst mirror.

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Guest bed headboard

If your guest bedroom is looking a little lackluster, adding an eye-catching headboard will make all the difference.

Create a dynamic picture gallery

If you have a blank wall in your home and want to hang a creative picture gallery, we offer some tips on the best way to start a dynamic arrangement that can be added onto.

Romantic lace mirror

Here's how to transform a plain mirror into a romantic feature using lace and Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.


Faux pewter wall art

This Saturday we did a faux pewter workshop on request. Quite a few DIY Divas have commented on my faux pewter wall art and wanted to know how to make their own.


Add interest to blank walls

Fill boring blank walls with interesting objects to create a focal point or feature wall and add personality to a room.

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Decorative picture frames

In this project we make the picture frames themselves a feature by covering them with art paper. You can substitute this with handmade paper, scrapbooking paper, or even wallpaper.


Nature for walls

Bring a dash of nature indoors with a few fern fronds and inexpensive frames and add a unique feature to a plain wall.


3 Easy ways to make picture frames

There are many ways to make picture frames, and we look at 3 ways, using three different methods to make a set of picture frames for a nursery, or for any room in the home.


Inexpensive wall art

Filling up a blank wall behind a sofa, or creating art for a feature wall, can be expensive if you have to buy. We show you how to use affordable plywood, a Dremel Multitool and Woodoc stain and wax to make your own wall art.


Large format picture frames

Every home needs art in one form or another, and we show you how to make a bold statement with large format frames for art, posters or enlarged photos.

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Ornamental mirror

If you enjoy using a router for projects, or are looking for a project to practice your router skills, this ornamental mirror frame is ideal.


Picture framing kit

For anyone who enjoys DIY projects like making picture frames, the Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit is a great gift to give or receive.

1-hour picture frames

With the arrival of my new router table I have been making plenty of picture frames. These colourful frames are sprayed with Rust-Oleum 2X in fresh hues.

Make a wooden photo frame

Use PAR pine and pine moulding to make a wooden picture or photo frame that can be stained or painted to match your existing decor.

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Inexpensive chevron wall art

Here's an inexpensive way to make your own chevron wall art using wood stain and metallic paint and half a sheet of 9mm or 12mm pine plywood.


DIY Blinds: Measuring, Installing and Maintaining

You don’t need to wait for someone to come and measure your windows to receive a quote. Along with their made-to-measure blinds service, Blinds Direct also provide pre-made blinds should you require a combination of the two.

Creative ways to display your family photos

If your family photos are slowly piling up we have put together a collection of ideas for creative ways to display your family photographs and show them off.

DIY vintage picture gallery

I have been wanting to create a vintage picture gallery for quite a while and finally managed to get it done as a project for easy DIY. I wanted it to look like a vintage cottage window frame, with individual panels for favourite photographs.

Add colour with art

Whether you prefer to buy art from recognised or new artists, or make your own works of art, there's no denying that art can be used to add pops of colour to a home.

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Create a gallery wall

You will find plenty of ideas for creating a wall gallery, so many that you may be overwhelmed by the choices. Creating a photo gallery wall allows you to put your favourite photographs on display and create a feature wall

Mosaic tile sheet photo frames

Make your own unique wall art with some SupaWood and mosaic tile sheets available from your local Builders Warehouse. You can have the supawood cut to any size to create small or large photo frames for your home.

Faux leather picture frame

Here's how to apply a faux finish that looks like old leather to give a cheap homemade picture frame a rustic and antique effect. For even more effect, we added pine moulding to the inside and outside edges.

Our favourite sunburst mirror designs

Over the past couple of years I have seen hundreds of ideas for sunburst mirrors and they continue to pop up. When you look at how much it costs to buy a sunburst mirror, looking a inexpensive ways to make your own is the way to go.

Simple yet stunning faux metal picture frames

Making a plain picture frame is simple, but adding texture transforms a plain picture frame into a stylish frame that would normally cost big bucks. Use offcuts or PAR pine to make these picture frames and then add a distinctive faux finish.

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10 Alternative uses for picture frames

Got some old picture frames lying around and not sure what to do with them? Here are 10 alternative uses for picture frames that you can easily tackle as a do-it-yourself project in a day.

Make an arched window mirror

I finally managed to get to grips with making an arched window mirror. A client asked us to make this mirror for her bedroom and I have been mulling over the best way to do it. Here's an easy way to make your own arched window mirror.

How to mount framed photos or images

It's all fine and well being able to make your own picture frames but you also need to know how to mount your pictures to best advantage and display them for best effect.

How to make your own antique mirrors

More often than not you come across some beautiful vintage frames but the mirror inside is not the original. If you want to create an antique mirror you can easily transform any mirror to an antique mirror with this simple technique.

Dandelion triptych

My dandelion art is on SupaWood and uses relief paint, which is then covered with Rust-Oleum titanium silver spray paint. I love it!

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Professional picture frames

At many DIY Divas workshops I have discussed ways of joining sections of timber or board together and based on the cost of the Bosch Biscuit Joiner, have looked at alternative ways that are more affordable - but not necessarily as easy.

Dress up a blank wall

Do you have a wall in your home that screams for attention. Most rooms have a wall that could do with a little bit of dressing up and there are so many ways to add a bit of detail to plain walls. Take a look at some easy ways to add interest or create impact on a boring wall.

Still wondering how to create a picture wall?

With this is mind I put together a collection of ideas and ways to hang art, collectibles and photographs, so that you have a visual reference for your next project.

Hang art in a rental home

You've just moved into a new flat and you love it. But what can you do about all those bare walls? Whilst most rental agreements won't allow you to drill into the walls, there are ways to decorate your new place without picking up a hammer.

Architectural elements as art

Add a one-of-a-kind decoration to your bedroom: Hang an interesting, salvaged object on the wall as art in just a few simple steps. Search architectural salvage, flea markets and thrift stores for an interesting item.

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How to display wall art

Don't be frustrated about hanging art on a blank wall. Regardless of what you do - it should inspire you. These days, there are no set rules for hanging and displaying art in your home, as long as it looks good.

Knock-off mirrors

I have been a little obsessed with mirrors lately, especially round mirrors. I love them! You can expect to pay a small fortune for ready-made designs, but here's how to make your own on the cheap!

Accessorise with art

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder, which ultimately boils down to the fact that if you like it - why not? If you are looking for art to display on your walls, it should be pieces that you personally enjoy and not for the benefit of others. Unless, of course, you invest in art.

Make your own affordable picture frames

I started with half a sheet of 16mm supawood that Builders Warehouse cut up for me into 30 x 30cm" squares. I marked a 15cm square in the centre of each board.

Make your own artwork for free

All I did was tape the backside of paint swatches to the piece of paper already in the frame until the entire thing was covered with a monochromatic scheme of colours.

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Stickers as wall art

If you’re getting bored with your walls, using stencils is an easy and affordable way to add an effect without having to paint the whole room.

How to mount a picture wall

Adding a picture wall to a room is a lovely way to introduce a focal point and have all your family photographs on display.

Musical hearts

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to create high impact art - here's an idea that fun and unique!

Flowers as art

Certainly we think of flower arranging as an art, but we've never considered literally treating bouquets as artworks, by framing them as one would frame a painting.

A picture says a thousand words

Pictures add colour and interest to your walls, and amassing a fine display is one of the oldest and most popular ways of turning your house into a home.

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Make your own faux antique picture frame

Here’s how to make an antique frame that looks stunning around a mirror or picture and won’t cost you a fortune. Our mirror frame project uses polystyrene crown moulding strips for a mirror frame that has plenty of detail and a light enough to mount anywhere.

Picture perfect

When it comes to framing art, the point of framing is to make the art look as good as it can. It is better to take cues from the artwork instead - a frame should answer to the room but not take orders from it!

Lessons in art

How many times have you been told that when buying art, you should follow your heart? That if you feel passionate about a piece, you’ll find a way to make it work? This is good advice, but it doesn’t go far enough.

DIY art frames

A few pieces of pine moulding or trim, or even polystyrene crown moulding, and you can create stunning frames on a plain wall.

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Decorative wall plaque

Use a Dremel Multitool to craft and carve your own unique artwork.

Wall art with ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions are so pretty - such great architectural detail - I thought they would be nice to display somewhere other than the ceiling; somewhere more at eye level. How about the wall?

Get crafty with art

This is a great beginner’s project and is a quick and affordable way of getting beautiful artwork on the walls in no time! The French handwritten background adds a unique charm to this fun project.

Easy spray art

You don't need to spend a fortune or hunt high and low to find artwork that you like. In this project we show you just how easy it is to create your own unique art.

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Metallic art

Create a dramatic artwork for your home at a cost of less than R200 for all your materials. You can make this as small or as large as you wish for instant impact and just a touch of metallic glitz.

Custom art works

I really wanted to find a nice way to add colour to a blank wall and thought it would be perfect to do a stencilled canvas art. All of the art I saw in stores was either too expensive or didn’t go with my space at all, most of the time it was both!

Vinyl on canvas wall art

If you aren't very good at painting, applying vinyl cut outs to a canvas is an easy way to create your own unique art.

Make your own canvas wall art

You don't even need to be artistic to create your own wall art !

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Make a designer fractal mirror

I keep coming across these unique mirrors in my searches throughout the Internet, longingly wondering if they would ever reach our shores. But then I realised, "Why Wait?" So I decided to tackle this as a project for everyone to do... enjoy!

Can I create my own artwork?

Everyone wants to save money. Painting your own, colour matched art can be a lot easier than you might think! enjoy!

Make your own canvas frames

Whether you want to create and paint your own works of art, or hang fabric as decorative works, here's how to create your own canvas frames ...

5 Untapped Tips for Printing Photos on Canvas

Here are the top 5 untapped tips for you that you probably will never hear from someone else if you are looking forward to place an order with canvas printing.

How to decorate your house with art pieces

Did you know that home decorations improve the functionality of a house?

4 Rules For Decorating Your Home With Wall Posters

A step-by-step guide to hanging your favourite wall posters in a way that will make your home look modern and classy all the while showcasing old-school charm.

Ingenious ways to decorate your home

If you are on the hunt for tips that will ensure your home looks unique, here are a few ingenious ways to decorate your home.

7 Principles of Minimalism Wall Arts

If you want minimalism wall art for your home décor, here are some simple tips to follow when choosing your wall art.

A Quick DIY Guide To Decorating With Tapestries

Decorating your interiors with tapestries is an affordable, classy, and unique option. Read the brief guide in our blog for details on how to go about this project.

4 Ways Posters Can Add Charm To Your Home Décor

Posters stand out from other wall art because of their vivid colors and affordability. Read our blog so you know how to add charm to your home.

Ways Framed Prints Can Liven Up Your Gallery Wall

Framed prints can liven up your wall in more ways than one. If you want to find out how, read our blog for new ideas you can use for your living space.

The Beauty of Murano Glass Mirrors

Murano glass mirrors are a reflection of beauty and elegance that have been crafted for centuries in the small island of Murano, located in the Venetian lagoon, and have become synonymous with luxury and style.

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