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Make a bold display of art, posters or enlarged photos

Every home needs art in one form or another, and we show you how to make a bold statement with large format frames for art, posters or enlarged photos.


You can even use these large frames to mount interesting fabric or bold wallpaper to create a feature wall in a room.


7 of 6mm MDF 38 x 356mm - top front / bottom / side cleat

1 of 6mm MDF 45 x 356mm - top cleat (back)

1 of 6mm MDF 380 x 914mm - backer board

1 of 3mm Acrylic or Glass 380 x 914mm

6 of 19mm round head screws

6 of small rubber washers

Wood glue

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Spring or quick clamps

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint or acrylic paint in your choice of colour

Sprayable adhesive

Buy everything you need for this project (excluding acrylic sheet) at your local Builders. Most stores have the option to cut glass to size.



1. Use wood glue to attach the cleats to the backer board and clamp these in place overnight.

2. Since the artwork, poster or photo does not cover the entire backer you should paint this beforehand.

3. Let the paint dry overnight and then mask off the edges to protect when applying sprayable adhesive to mount your artwork, poster or photo. Carefully peel off the masking tape after mounting the artwork.

4. Use a Glass and Tile Bit to drill holes in the acrylic or glass for mounting to the board. Secure the panel with screws, placing rubber washers between the backing board and front panel.

To mount the frames on a wall secure your choice of hangers at the back of the frames.


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