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4 Ways Framed Prints Can Liven Up Your Gallery Wall

Framed prints can liven up your wall in more ways than one. If you want to find out how, read our blog for new ideas you can use for your living space.






Sprucing up your home’s interior can prove to be a challenge at times. It can’t be helped if your décor loses its appeal over time, especially since there’s always a newer trend popping up now and then. Yes, it’s fun to play with styles, prints, and patterns, but there’ll always be a point where you’ll run out of new ideas to try.



Your wall, your call

A gallery wall, for one, is an interior knack that never gets old. But then, livening it up can be tricky when you think you’ve used up all the ideas stored in your think tank. In case you can relate to this predicament, here’s a wall design option you can use this time: framed prints. Perhaps you’ve considered the idea before, but you’re just not entirely sure how to make it work.

Whether you have heard of it or not, below are four ways framed prints can jazz up your gallery wall and how you can use them as a focal decorating point for your interior:



1. By adding a vintage touch

If you’ve been donning a vibrant and colorful theme for your gallery wall, why not give it a touch of vintage vibe this time? Framed prints have that traditional look that can make any gallery wall or interior exude such a classic ambiance. All you need is to squeeze more creative juices out of your think tank so you can achieve the outcome you want.

Regardless if you’re more into abstract prints, landscape, architecture, and celebrity images, you can find ways to make their frames possess a timeless elegance. One idea is to use metal frames, probably in rose gold or vintage gold tone, to make them look more age-old. Almost every art style you can think of can give off the theme you want, depending on how you pick the frame and print itself.



2. By portraying your distinct taste and lifestyle

Most homeowners long to turn their interior style into an extension of their personality and distinct taste. If this sounds like you, then all the more reason to use framed prints to liven up your gallery wall. Something about these decorative pieces can make your space look unique, which, in turn, also you in more ways than one.

A good idea is to take a step back and think of what you really want the blank wall to look like. Are you into high-end cars and accessories? If so, you can print cool images of your favorite ones and have them framed the way you like them. Just make it a point to consider the spacing of your frames to ensure a uniform and balanced look.

Perhaps you’re a professional chef who’d love to express your love for food and cooking through your gallery wall. You can frame cooking quotes or even photos of yourself while on the job. Guests will be in awe upon seeing the passionate cook in you who enjoys creating sumptuous meals and goodies.




3. By showing your goofy side

Aside from your taste and lifestyle, gallery walls can also be the perfect way to show a side of you that not many people know. Maybe friends and colleagues have always known you to be the serious type who never jokes around. Give them a hint of who you really are after office hours by picking goofy framed prints to display on your wall.

Some ideas to try are cartoon graphics or illustrations, printed hilarious quotes and jokes, and even your favorite comedians. It’ll be like showing an entirely different side of you, which can be surprising for people who don’t know you too well. The goofy gallery wall can also add a little humor to your interior, making the vibe lighter.



4. By letting you customize prints

Another fun thing about framed prints is that you can always customize what you want to display on your wall. There’s no stopping you from picking photos that can only be found in your home. Hanging family photos would be a good start. Or, if you don’t have a family yet, your solo pics will do, too.

Start by sorting and choosing your favorite shots, perhaps from your most recent trips or any highlight of events you’ve attended. You can turn your wall into a giant photo album or collage where your snaps and poses are featured creatively. Mix and match different frame materials and colors to give it more texture and style. You can also use different print sizes to add unevenness and character to the wall.



Final words

It’s always fun to play with interior styles and decorative pieces every once in a while. Just like your wardrobe, your wall also needs a little touch of freshening up from time to time. Consider adding framed prints to your gallery wall design so you can liven up your interior in a unique and playful way.






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