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Add interest to blank walls

Fill boring blank walls with interesting objects to create a focal point or feature wall and add personality to a room.


Looking to add a splash of colour or texture to walls? Or perhaps just add more personality to a room. We put together a collection of ideas that show you don't have to spend a lot to create a wonderful feature wall that will add colour, interest, texture or wow factor to a room.

Hanging collectibles on a wall is just one way to add impact to a plain wall. A colourful ensemble or woven baskets can so easily add a personal touch to any room, and you can create the same look with other accessories as well. Try to use items that tie in with the look and feel of an existing room to add character.

Another easy option for feature walls is to frame a piece of eye-catching fabric, or even a colourful patterned scarf, and turn this into wall art. You can use this same method to frame a piece of wrapping or scrapbooking paper that catches your eye and has colours or patterns already used in the room.

You can use accessories that you collect to add a fun element to blank walls. Something as simple as a collection of hats in neutrals or colours give instant impact.

And rugs aren't just for floors. If a colourful or patterned rug catches you eye, why not mount this on the wall for an interesting focal point. Hanging rugs also helps to dampen sound, so they are perfect for large, open rooms that sound empty. Mount a single rug, or a collection of like-style rugs to fill up a boring wall.

Plain colours, detailed patterns, or interesting designs, use ceramic or stoneware plates in a casual arrangement to dress up a wall that lacks interest.





GOOD TO KNOW: When mounting items like plates, you can use epoxy glue to secure a paper clip to the back of the plates for easy hanging.

Framed maps have been trending for a while now, and they look good in any setting. Choose a size that fills up the blank space nicely and then make your own frame to mount on the wall - you will find plenty of ideas and projects for picture frames in our Art & Framing section.

Plants are a wonderful and inexpensive way to add personality to a room. You can use plants from your own garden and create framed botanical prints, make framed shelves for fresh flowers or design an indoor vertical garden with indoor plants.

Put on your thinking cap and look around for items that could easily be used to add interest to walls, or be creative and make your own wall art on a budget. Fill up blank spaces with personality and character and make living spaces look lived in.