Grow your own vertical garden

One of my favourite places to stop by now and then is Flora Grubb. This garden shop located in San Francisco offers wonderful items for garden and home Flora and her team come up with the most amazing ideas for home decor using plants and accessories, and in this feature I want to share with you some vertical garden ideas.


Vertical gardens allow everyone the opportunity to bring a touch of green into the home, whether you live in a flat, townhouse development or urban apartment. Simple to make and easy to care for if you plant up with succulents, a vertical garden creates an interesting feature that is alive.

Indoors or outdoors, a vertical garden can be planted up and mounted almost anywhere, as long as the plants received the required amount of sunlight each day.

When establishing your own vertical garden you can incorporate plant varieties for a particular space. If you know that the vertical garden will be mounted in a shady spot, plant up with shade-loving plants. Add a splash of colour to highlight features or pieces in your home, as done on the vertical garden display above.

Make up a small vertical garden for a bathroom or hallway and incorporate air plants that require very little maintenance and can be planted without soil. See our feature on greening a bathroom for more information on Tillandsias (air plants).

Tillandsias are amazing plants and only need to be placed in a spot with plenty of circulating air and light. A quick misting with water once a week and these plants will be happy. They do not require any soil and can be mounted onto almost any surface simply by tying them on, or gluing them on (not silicone sealer) until they grab hold.