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Make a vertical garden

You can make a vertical garden on the cheap with a few supplies and basic tools. The plants you choose are what makes your vertical garden special and succulents are best, as they require minimal watering. Olivia at He hunt, I creates shows how she made an awesome vertical garden.


Select the plants that you will use for your vertical garden. Succulents and low-growing plants that need low light and minimal watering are the best. You may need to shop around for a nice selection of succulents, as garden centres don't stock up on large quantities of these little beauties.

To make a vertical garden box you will need some pine for the sides, a piece of plywood for the back, and chicken wire for the front. You can buy everything you need at your local Builders Warehouse. You will also need a staple gun and staples (or hammer and tacks) as well as wire cutters or tin snips..

Make up a frame using 96mm PAR pine cut to the size required. Screw the frame together at the corners. Place the frame over your chicken wire and cut to shape using wire cutters or tin snips.





Lay the chicken wire on on one long side on what will become the front of the frame. Staple the chicken wire to the inside of the frame, so the no wire edges are visible when looking at the front.

With the face of the frame on a solid surface, start to pack in the spaghnum or dried moss. This layer will be right at the front, behind the chicken wire, and will prevent any soil from falling out. As an alternative to moss, you can use black or green landscaping fabric.

Fill up the back of the box - over the top of the moss or landscape fabric - with potting soil. Pack in fairly compact as this will ensure that it stays firmly in place when mounted.

Screw the plywood back into position using small screws down the sides and along the top and bottom edge. Not shown here, but I also suggest a piece of black liner, cut to size, being placed on top of the soil to protect the back. You don't need to worry too much about moisture as the succulents can be given a weekly spray with a water mister. Screw two large picture hangers at the top back of the frame.

Use you finger to create a hole for placing the succulents into the front of the frame. Larger plants may need to be broken up into smaller sections.

If you do have a larger plant, make a slighter larger hole, but it is better to try and loosen the root ball to as small as possible. This won't kill the plant and will decrease the size better for planting.



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