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Flowers as art

Certainly we think of flower arranging as an art, but we've never considered literally treating bouquets as artworks, by framing them as one would frame a painting. It's an interesting way to use the wall as a dynamic space, with an ever-changing palette of colour and texture, rather than as a static backdrop for a permanent display.


Here's an easy way to make this a DIY project: Choose a large empty frame - or make your own using pine strips - hang a shelf inside it, and fill it with fresh flowers. Kind of like an ongoing art installation in your own home.


Pine strips or skirting (you will find various styles at your local Builders Warehouse or hardware store)
Alcolin fast set wood glue
Corner clamps
Mitre box and saw
Wood nails and hammer






1. Use a mitre box and saw to cut the corner angles.

2. Apply wood glue to the angles and hold in place with corner clamps until dry.

3. Arrange the wine corks in your desired pattern.

4. Cut, glue and nail the shelf into position as shown in the main image.

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