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Antique frame

Here’s how to make an antique frame that looks stunning around a mirror or picture and won’t cost you a fortune. Our mirror frame project uses polystyrene crown moulding strips for a mirror frame that has plenty of detail and a light enough to mount anywhere.



1 length of detailed polystyrene moulding
Mirror – cut to size
Note: (allow a 10mm border around the mirror for attaching to the back of the frame)
Picture framing kit
Rust-Oleum Antique Patina kit
Duct tape
Mirror brackets and small screws
Cordless screwdriver

Optional: If you don’t have a Framing Kit you can also use a mitre box and saw, and a staple gun.

You can buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse. Print out this project and take along with you.






1. Use a mitre box and back saw to mitre the edges of the moulding strip to the required lengths.

2. You should have a top and bottom of equal size, and two sides also of equal size.

3. The Rust-Oleum Antique Patina kit is supplied with everything you need – including detailed step-by-step instructions – to create the antique effect on the moulding. Start off by spraying the frame with the base coat and allow this to dry. Use the roughing sponge provided to lightly scratch the surface to enhance the final effect.

Don't scratch too hard - you don't want to remove the paint. Now you apply the patina layer. Have some damp paper towels handy to blot of any excess and create the desired effect. If you want to add even more aging you can use Guilders paste - black - over the edges and raised patterns.

4. Included with a Framing Kit are joining brackets and a punch. Ensure that the brackets are inserted with the sharp end facing out, press onto the moulding and tap the punch with a hammer to position the brackets along the joins. If you aren’t using a Framing Kit you can substitute with a Bosch Tacker or staple gun.

5. To mount the mirror to the back of the frame place the mirror face down and align. Place a strip of duct tape around the entire mirror. This helps to secure the mirror. Attach the mirror brackets with small screws on each corner of the mirror.

Note: This project is not intended for a large mirror. For mounting onto the wall use picture frame wire threaded through three hooks on the back of the frame.