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Nature for walls

Bring a dash of nature indoors with a few fern fronds and inexpensive frames and add a unique feature to a plain wall.

Ferns are a popular houseplant, with their fresh green fronds and delicate, lacy stems. With this project you can bring ferns indoors to create a lovely feature for a wall, and it's so easy!





1. Collect a few fern fronds from your garden, or snip from a houseplant. Only select healthy fronds and remove any dead leaves.

2. Place the fronds between wax paper and press flat between a couple of heavy books for 2 to 3 days.

3. Lay flattened ferns your backing paper and attach with a tiny bit of ModPodge or craft glue.

4. Now your fern fronds are ready for mounting into the frames. You will find plenty of ideas of making your own frames if you don't already have a couple.

If you want to make the frames aged, use cream coloured craft paper and stamp them with Latin names. As an alternative to framing the real thing, you can scan the fronds on a PC scanner and frame them as prints for an equally attractive botanical display.