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Art of the home

Buying art is a wonderful way of not only owning art that you love, but also filling your home with the joy these pieces bring.


When perfectly hung on the wall, artwork is the finishing touch for any room in a home, whether its a collection of your favourite prints, treasured photographs curated over the years, or your own personal work of art. The options for hanging artworks are endless but certain factors needs to be considered before hanging the pieces on a wall. 

Introducing artwork into a home will add colour, interest and personality into a home. Art is also an easy way to introduce colour and pattern to your living spaces, using a piece of art as the foundation for colours and textures using in the room.

The options for displaying artwork are endless, but how you hang specific pieces can make or break the final look of a room. From positioning to lighting, to custom framing, if you break out in a cold sweat when you think of hanging art you will find the expert tips below helpful.

Height to hang art

The general rule of thumb for hanging any type of artwork is at eye level, or as close as possible to this height. You want your artworks to enjoyed - without having to crane your neck to see it properly. Where a piece is taller than average, set the eye level on the centre of the artwork. The average height to aim for is about 145cm from the floor.

If you're still unsure about where to hang your new artwork, use brown paper cut into the size of the artworks and hang these on the wall with sellotape. This way you can move them around until you are happy with the placing for the actual framed artworks.

Pairs or groups

When you want to create an eye-catching feature on a long wall, or perhaps the piece you have bought consists of more than one framed piece, hang artwork close together.

Choose the right frame

If your pieces need to be framed, choosing the right frame can be a whole process in itself. Do you want a frame that fades into the background, or a frame that enhances the art and allows it to pop on the wall. You also have to be careful when selecting the frame for your art. Let your art shine and not the frame.

Create a feature

While art itself is a feature, there's nothing wrong with adding a little more impact by hanging art about an accent piece of furniture. In this dining area the artwork sits directly above a geometrical West Elm console table, creating its own focal point within the space.







Hanging your art

The size and weight of your artwork will determine the best method for hanging. Heavier artworks may require the use of a French cleat at the back of the frame to properly support the piece. Pieces that are not too heavy can be mounted using a conventional picture hanger, but this will be determined by any hanging system already mounted on the picture frame.

west elm


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