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Picture framing kit

For anyone who enjoys DIY projects like making picture frames, the Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit is a great gift to give or receive.


Conveniently packed in a blow-moulded carrying case, the Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit comes complete with tools for cutting and joining your own picture frames. The complete kit retails at around R1200 from suppliers around the country.

The Tork Craft Picture Framing Kit includes a varied selection of accessories that are essential for assembly and hanging your new picture frames.






Use the corner clamps and clamping accessories to set up for cutting accurate 45-degree corners.

The saw blade attachment ensures accurate cutting.

Hold corners tightly with the corner clamps.

The v-pin holder allows you to easily secure corners.

Insert the v-pin into the holder.

Place the pin holder against the frame or moulding and hammer in position to secure corners. 

Follow the instructions included with the kit to make your own picture frames.

The kit also includes points for securing glass or mirror safely in the frame.