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Create a dynamic picture gallery

If you have a blank wall in your home and want to hang a creative picture gallery, we offer some tips on the best way to start a dynamic arrangement that can be added onto.


1. Start by gathering the pictures you would like to hang on the wall. This can include framed posters and photographs. Try to choose items that incorporate similar colours, like the blue shown in our picture gallery. Add contrasting pieces that have different shapes, patterns, textures and sizes to create a more dynamic collage. You can also add personality and create even more interest with a few items that you really love, like our pompom garland.

2. Make some space on the floor so that you can lay all these out and move them around until you are satisfied with the arrangement - without hammering holes into the wall.

3. For every arrangement you need a centrepiece or 'hero' for the arrangement. This is usually the largest item or most eye catching piece. In this case the circular mirror was perfect.

4. The centrepiece is the first item to be mounted on the wall, then you can mount around this by using your floor arrangement as a guide.

5. Continue adding pieces, taking them from the floor to the wall to mirror the original layout. 

6. Save the personal pieces for last to add depth and balance, especially when you use items that are not flat.

With this arrangement your collection is never finished and there's always room to build on and add to your picture gallery.


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