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Make a wood and glass photo frame

Make your own modern photo frame with timber offcuts and acrylic or glass sheets.


If you have timber offcuts lying around, this modern photo frame is a great way to put them to good use.


Wood offcuts, any size - our front: 330mm long x 260mm high | support: 330mm x 130mm

2 of acrylic or glass sheets, to fit

4 of framing standoffs

32mm pocket hole screws [3]

Wood glue

Stain, sealer or oil to finish


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Glass & Tile Bit (if using glass)

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Mitre Saw

Orbital Sander plus assorted sanding pads

Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need at Builders.


1. Cut the wood to size on a mitre saw to make your frame. Note the angled cuts on the top and bottom of the front, and front edge of the support.

2. Drill [3] pocket holes in the base - along the mitred edge - to secure the support to the frame section.

3. Drill holes close to the corners of both acrylic or glass sheets.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you are drilling holes in glass, use a Glass & Tile Bit. Place the glass on a piece of pine or board when drilling.

4. Screw the back part of each standoff to the frame front. The front part is secured to the front of the acrylic / glass sheets. Mark where the standoffs need to go and then drill small pilot holes to make it easy to screw the standoffs into the wood.

5. Use wood glue and pocket hole screws to attach the support to the front frame.

6. Sand any rough edges smooth before applying your choice of finish.


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