The beautiful works of Evgenia Ermilova

Evgenia Ermilova uses sculptural painting to create the most beautiful works of art, decorative pieces, decor accessories and wall panels.


Author and professional artist/colourist, Evgenia Ermilova is also a renowned artist and teacher of sculptural painting and relief painting. She has trained over 300 masters in the technique of sculptural painting, many of whom have also gone on to provide training in this technique.

Evgenia's work combines elements of sculpture to shape the decorative plaster, and uses palette knives to create three-dimensional textures using a method of 'one smear - one element'. Using products and techniques that she has created over the years, Evgenia is also able to sculpt using decorative plaster that is tinted with special dyes and contains special additives that provide strength.





Evgenia believes that it is not essential that you don't have an art background, or even be able to draw for that matter. She has developed a unique system of teaching that allows anyone to create beautiful sculptural designs. If you are not able to attend her classes, which are most definitely not available here in South Africa, you can order her detailed video recordings - see bottom of this page for details.

Evgenia is very serious about the partners she chooses to work with for the supply of materials used in sculptural painting, and that she supplies via her website, and only works with suppliers whose products have been personally tested over a one year period.

The plaster formula that Evgenia uses for her sculptural projects has been specially designed for use in sculptural painting. The pre-tinted plaster is ideal for using with knife work, dries fairly quickly, and is strong enough to hold its shape after forming.

While Evgenia travels around the world to host teaching workshops on using her techniques for sculptural painting, most of her work is done from her apartment at home. In fact, the materials she uses have been designed for use in craft projects that anyone can do at home, as they do not have a strong smell, are ready-mixed for ease of use, and dry quickly.




If you are interested in purchasing training material or would like to buy any of Evgenia's products, visit the Product Catalog page to identify the products and then get in touch to advise the quantity you would like to order. They will calculate the cost of goods and delivery and arrange payment via Pay Pal.



For more information on sculptural painting techniques, you can see Evgenia's Instagram account - @evgenia_ermilova. Evgenia also has an official website where she publishes information about the proper materials, training, information from partners, artworks of the students etc. - @sculpture_painting

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