Now Is The Ideal Time To Book A Travel Experience

Rising Trend: Loyalty programmes flourish amid demand for travel rewards & experiences


Emojis Come To Life At Decorex!

From small screen to decor scene – inventive room sets to bring emojis to life!


5 Tips For A Stress-Free And Smooth Moving Day

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can be stressful too and is sometimes regarded as one of the most stressful things in the average person’s life.


Vibrant Celebration of Colour

Dive into a vibrant celebration of colour from top local interior designers.


Ask yourself these questions before changing insurers

To figure out if it is the right time to switch providers, here are four questions worth asking yourself.


5 Ways To Make A Fellow Driver’s Day

A few small behavioural changes can reduce your own driving stress and those of your fellow drivers.

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Peak Of Interest Rates Cycle A Golden Opportunity For Home Buyers

The peak of interest rates presents an ideal opportunity for home buyers to plan ahead and budget properly before applying for a bond and a golden opportunity for first time home buyers.


Choosing The Perfect Home

An investment in a property is one of the most significant purchases one is likely to make, so it’s important to carefully consider all aspects of the homebuying process.


Meeting The Challenge Of Reduced Water Supply

South Africans face several challenges but how do we deal with the new challenge of reduced water supply looming on the horizon?


South African creatives are designing for social impact

This year’s theme for Decorex Africa, the continent’s leading decor and design showcase, is Designing for Impact


World Margarita Day’s Winning Cocktail

As the world acknowledges World Margarita Day this week, many establishments will be celebrating the occasion with their own versions of the famous cocktail.

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How Do You Go About Choosing The Right Home?

Here are a few things to think about if you are thinking about buying a home.


Expert-Approved Travel Upgrades That Are Really Worth It

If you’re watching your budget, you may wonder if travel upgrades are really worth it andsome upgrades and add-ons to your trip definitely are.


Want to serve something a little different this Christmas?

Christmas dinners and lunches have always sat a little uncomfortably in the South African summer and good option better suited to the South African summer is to make this year’s Christmas a Mediterranean-inspired one.


Get your Personal Affairs into Gear for the New Year

Here are four ways to help you plan your personal affairs for 2024.


Title deeds - Everything homeowners need to know

What’s the deal with title deeds and what should you look for in one before taking ownership of the property?

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6 Luxury Daycations to Experience this Summer

A daycation could be a short city break, a quick beach getaway, or an outdoor adventure in closer, more accessible destinations.


Pockets of Opportunity in 2024 – Property Market Trends

What can homeowners and homebuyers expect from the housing market in 2024.


Buying a Wheelchair-Friendly Home? What You Should Look For

There are certain things you must consider when buying a wheelchair-friendly home. And, Here’s What You Should Look For!


Ballito a boon for resilient KZN property market

KwaZulu-Natal has emerged as one of South Africa’s most resilient and well-performing residential property markets.


The Secrets to First-Time Buyer Success

Although fewer young people are buying homes than a decade ago, more buyers under the age of 35 are investing in property as single owners and many are spending their money on sectional title properties.

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Be Water Wise Amidst Water Restriction Risks

As South Africa faces water challenges brought on by seasonal climate changes, Rand Water and the South African Green Industries Council have called on industries and consumers to use water sparingly this season.


What You Need to Know About Smart Devices – From Cars to Cots

While in the past, obscure skills and knowledge were needed to break into and start a car and other smart devices, today, thieves and anyone else can easily find all that info online.


Hydronic vs Electric Radiant Heat Panels

When choosing between hydronic and electric radiant heat panels you need to consider factors such as installation complexity, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, and overall costs.


How Water Tank Cleaning Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Discover how regular water tank cleaning is not just a chore, but an investment that can save you money in the long run. Learn the benefits now!

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Celebrate and You Might Win a Powerful 3KW Inverter!

As a way of thanking clients for their support over the years, Talisman Hire has 30 3KW Inverters up for grabs!


It’s Never Too Soon to Talk to Children About Property

By teaching children the value of money and the benefit of saving for big-ticket items like a car or a home, you will set them up to be financially stable later in life


Will Solar Panels Generate Energy when It Is Raining?

The general belief with solar panels is, no sun - no power, but is this really the case or will your expensive solar panels still convert solar to power?

How SA Women can Make Smart Property Investment Decisions

Buying property is seen as a safe and secure investment and is more tangible and easily accessible than complex money markets, stocks and shares.

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a House for the First Time

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the journey of purchasing your first home.

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4 Ways in your Life where you can Cut Costs

In this article, we ask business leaders from a variety of industries for advice on how consumers can save money.

Celebrate 30 Years of Decorex

Don’t miss the grand celebration of 30 years of leading decor and design - Decorex Joburg 2023 runs from 3 to 6 August!

What is Sine Wave and Why is it Important?

Most of the electronic devices we use at home can be damaged by load shedding or power outages and it is important to know that inverters or UPS devices put out sine wave power.

Is It Worthwhile to Invest in a Gas Water Heater

With the arrival of cold weather and in conjunction with Stage 6 Load Shedding, hot water is a luxury that is hard to come by, but is it worth investing in a gas water heater?


Lalela Lithium-ion Inverter Trolley for home or office use

Available at most Builders stores, the Lalela Lithium-Ion Inverter Trolley will ease away your load shedding woes.

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Secure your Home with this Smart Tech

Smart home security devices, such as video doorbells, Wi-Fi cameras and motion sensors offer advanced protection and peace of mind.


Delectable Food Trends Served up at Decorex Cape Town

Whether you’re a restaurateur or a home chef, the Decorex Cape Town show dishes up inspiration and direction in abundance.


Discover the Best in Home Decor and Design at Decorex Cape Town

Taking place from 22 to 25 June 2023 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), the show offers a multitude of compelling reasons why you don't want to miss it!


PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative – 2023 brief launched

The annual PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative competition is underway and this year’s competition brief recognises how social media has reached beyond the digital sphere to affect the physical world.


Skip Bin Hire For Homeowners

This article shares everything you need about skip bins, their pros and cons, tips for hiring the right provider, and hacks to use one properly.

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day 2023

How to make this Mother’s Day 2023 exciting for the whole family


How Technology is Changing the Way We Shop

From virtual try-on to augmented reality, discover how cutting-edge technology is transforming the e-commerce landscape and revolutionizing the way we shop.


5 Ways to Cut Energy Costs and Save Money

With the country plunged into energy crisis mode, and the month of May being set aside as National Energy Month, here is an article looking at 5 energy-saving tips to help people live more sustainably.


Extermination Services: Everything You Need to Know

Extermination services provide peace of mind that you won't be sharing your space with unwanted guests.


Embracing the DIY Lifestyle

Builders Warehouse works towards helping customers even more by collaborating with Thabang Lehobye. #DoItYourWay

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Calculate your Watt Requirements Before you Buy

If you are buying a generator, inverter, or UPS, make sure to calculate your Watt requirements before you purchase or you could be wasting money!


What Is A Heater Cooler System Lawsuit?

Patients have started to file lawsuits against the manufacturer of this heater-cooler system.


How Is The Green Agenda Impacting Consumers?

We look at some of the larger surveys that have been carried out in 2022 to get a better idea of what customers think.


Plan your Valentine Date Night

Date nights are special opportunities to intimately connect with someone special through shared experiences of sunsets, good food or live entertainment.


4 Things to do to Give Back without Spending a Fortune this Year

This year, consider having a resolution or two that helps combat social issues and assists those who may be less fortunate than you.

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Now you can Find Anything with the Builders Product Finder Tool

Builders launches Product Finder tool for impossible-to-find items, even if it doesn’t stock them.


What Homeowners Need To Know About Solar Incentives

Below are a few things that homeowners need to know about solar incentives.


A Potential Ban on Gas Stoves Brings Safety to the Fore

The state of California (US) is in the process of implementing a ban on gas stoves and gas heating equipment because of safety concerns over health issues and harmful emissions.

Flipping Furniture for a Monthly Income

Flipping furniture has become not only a fun hobby but also a way to earn extra cash or bring in a monthly income, so here's how to put your DIY skills to good use.

Extend the Life of a Battery for a UPS

If you have a UPS set up in the home, chances are that you want to extend the battery life for as long and possible and here's how.

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SA Property Trends to Keep on your Radar

Andrea Tucker, Director of MortgageMe explains the biggest trends making an impact right now in the South African property market.

Beware of Counterfeits and Cheap Alternatives

Beware counterfeits and cheap alternatives when it comes to your kitchen cupboards (and BICs).

Safety Guidelines to Decorate your Family Christmas Tree

Unless you have a set tradition for decorating the Christmas tree, every year you give thought to how you can make the Christmas tree more stunning - and safe.


How to Make your Year-End Bonus Work for you

To make the entrance into the new year smoother, the recommendation is for the year end bonus to be used smarter in ways that will reap benefits for the months to come.


Designing Space for a Better Tomorrow

Eliminating entry barriers in architectural design will give South Africa the design talents it needs.

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Brunch like Royalty this Season with these 6 Tips

Foodie influencers and chefs explain in the below piece, to really enjoy the brunch experience, you'll need to take note of these six tips.


WIN a Festool Ratchet Set Systainer valued at over R 7 000!

Review any tool you boughts on between now and November 2022 and you stand a chance to win!


Weylandtstudio is Taking Legacy Design into the Future

After decades in the business, Weylandts decided to deepen its legacy and bring to life its interior design and concept division, Weylandtstudio.


New Builders+ Benefits Programme Helps Shoppers Get More for their Money

Builders have launched a benefits program called Builders+ that will improve customers' shopping experience by keeping track of their preferred products and services for the best possible deals.


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Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Here is a list of the most frequent errors individuals make when selling their homes so that you can confidently sell your house.


Let these Online Tools do the Work for you

Time is something we all want more of, and while we may not be able to give you a time-travelling machine, we can suggest 10 services that help cut down on effort and stress, freeing you up to, well, squeeze even more into your day.


Lighting – A Powerful Way to Improve Security

Security is a priority in South Africa - our crime stats don’t make for pleasant reading and the LightStore can assist by providing cost-effective and hassle-free products to enhance your overall security.


Matt Finishes on Trend

Matt surfaces continue to grow in popularity and they can be seen everywhere from nail polish to car wraps, cabinet handles, countertops, appliances, and, of course, cabinetry in living and working areas.


Fusion-Style Cuisine in Cape Town

Awara brings fusion-style, gourmet Asian grills to a much-loved spot in the heart of Cape Town

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Are Old School Methods of Saving Holding South Africans Back?

With the rise of digital technology, saving and investing can be done at the touch of a button and yet many South Africans still trust traditional forms of savings.


How to Get Ready for World Cleanup Day

Join millions around the world that collaborate for 24-hours of clean-up that begins in New Zealand and ends in Hawaii.


Consider the Benefits of Solar Powered Home Security

Considering that burglars are taking advantage of load shedding to infiltrate neighbourhoods and developments, solar-powered home security is an option you might want to a look at.


PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative celebrates 30 years

This year, the PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative celebrates 30 years of creativity to showcase the work of up-and-coming South African architecture and interior design students.


9 Principles to Follow When Choosing Your Ideal Home

The main factors to keep in mind when looking for the ideal home.

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Decorex Joburg

Preceded by a celebrated Cape Town show, Decorex Joburg is back and set to wow visitors!


The Community of KZN Benefits from Builders’ New Store is Rossburgh

Builders official opened the doors on 30th June 2022 to a new store situated in Rossburgh, Durban.


Nine Top Tips To Cope With Winter During A Cost Of Living Crisis

South Africans continue to struggle against an on-going cost of living increase (source) that is affecting the world-wide economy. Price hikes to everything from fuel and rent to food and utilities are hitting people right in the middle of winter.


A Shower Mixer Provides a 30% Water Saving

South African designed shower mixer recognised in a highly-rated international scientific journal: Water savings of more than 30%.


All the winners! Best of design awarded at Decorex Cape Town

The Decorex Cape Town awards celebrate the designers and businesses that are reimagining the future of the industry.

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How do you Dispose of Broken Appliances or Electronic Devices?

Are you stuck with a broken fridge or washing machine or has your TV given up? How do you get rid of old broken appliances or electronic devices?


How to Keep the Kids Occupied During School Holidays

Winter is here and with the seasonal change, a range of new ways to enjoy time with family these school holidays and South Africa is a childhood memory making paradise, full of nature, adventure and fun.


Why Hiring a Home Inspector is a Good Idea?

When buying a house, you want to know the condition of the property and to be aware of any repairs, both minor and major, that will need to be tackled.


Celebrate Father's Day

This Father’s Day, let’s go big on celebrating dads, step-dads and fatherly figures and, while material gifts are lovely, they should also be given time to rest and reset, plus the opportunity to collect memories instead of things.


Decorex Presents the Future of Design

Equip yourself for the decades to follow - Decorex Cape Town doesn’t merely sit at the cutting edge of the now, it presents the future!

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Leading Hotel Group Partners Shines a Light on Local Artists

BlackBrick has partnered with artists to bring a taste of South African and global culture to each of their hotels.


Which Electric Heater Uses the Least Amount of Electricity?

With temperatures plummeting around the country, which heater uses the least amount of electricity to heat a home?


Decorex Cape Town 2022 - Tastemaker Alert!

Tune your tastebuds at Decorex Cape Town, hosted at the CTICC, from 16-19 June 2022.


Why You Should Invest in a UPS for the Home

Set up a UPS in your flat, townhouse, or apartment and you won't have to worry about load shedding.


Tips for when Purchasing Investment Property

Despite an interest rate hike soon (after having gone through one recently), the buy-to-rent market is still a good one to get into if you wish to use property as an investment.

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Why You Should Switch Off Appliances and Devices During Load Shedding

With all the load shedding taking place at the moment, switching off appliances and devices during load shedding is a wise choice for three important reasons.


How to Prepare Your House for a Sale

As workers around the country settle into hybrid work situations, many are looking for more space to accommodate a work-from-home lifestyle.


What to expect at Decorex Cape Town, 16 - 19 June 2022

Upcoming Decorex Cape Town can’t be defined by a mere list of reasons to visit!


The New Property Act and What it Means For You

The Property Practitioners Act (PPA), which came into effect on 1 February 2022, is helping buyers make more informed decisions when purchasing a property.


Load Shedding: How to Prepare for Extended Power Outages

The time has come to plan for the possibility that load shedding might be extended further than a few days here and there.

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Starter’s Guide to Flipping Houses

Flipping a house involves buying a property, giving it a facelift, and reselling it for a profit.


Is Your Home Security Up to Date with the Times?

If your home security alarm system has been installed for many years, it may be time to look at upgrading.


Harvest Celebration at Spier Hotel

Spier, the historic Stellenbosch wine farm, will celebrate the harvest season with a weekend full of fun activities, farm-fresh food and plenty of wine.


Decor and Design Experts discuss New Insights for a Post-Pandemic World

Decor and design researchers are analysing details that include how tech-smart or sustainable your future home will be to evolving working space - either at home, at the office, at a communal shared space.

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Boost your Chances of Becoming a Homeowner with Bond Pre-Approval

By applying for pre-approval you not only speed up your bond application, but also increase your chances of bond approval


Do you have South Africa’s Oldest Rolux Lawnmower?

The search is on to find South Africa’s oldest Rolux lawnmower. It’s the month of love and if breaking out your old and dusty Rolux and sharing it with all to prove your devotion to the iconic South African brand isn’t love, then we don’t know what is.


WORX - The Complete One-Stop Solution for Cordless Power

The WORX range of cordless tools comprises over one hundred 20-Volt cordless power tools - all using the same batteries and chargers.


Samsung Freestyle Fully Portable Screen for Entertainment Anywhere

The Freestyle from Samsung is a brand new fully portable entertainment and screening device that utilises ground-breaking technology for optimal user viewing and entertainment wherever you are.


The Fluid Future Of Water Self-Reliance In South Africa

With South Africa ranked as the 30th driest country in the world, it is no longer a question of being able to blindly rely on governments to supply our agricultural water.

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Samsung Winner of Incredible Bespoke Refrigerator Challenge

In early November the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Challenge was launched, capturing the imagination of décor enthusiasts across the nation.


What is an IP Rating?

If you don't know what an IP rating is, it is time to educate yourself as to how this affects items you may already have or are looking to add to your home.


Don’t let the Burglars Play While You’re Away

If you are going away, keep in mind that it is essential that you ensure your home and belongings are safe and secure while the house is empty


5 Worx Tools Win Popular Mechanics Best of the Best Awards!

It is no easy task to be voted as The Best of the Best, but WORX managed to do just that with 5 of their tools.


Drilling, Tapping and Countersinking - All in one process from Alpen

The Alpen PLW M series bits take the guess work out of drilling and tapping as these new combo bits do it all in one process.

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How to Make Money Using your DIY Skills

You have the DIY basics and your skills keep getting better and better at making stuff so why not think about using your skill to make some money?


Massive Savings on the WORX Tool Range

If you haven't yet discovered the WORX range of cordless tools, now is your change to purchase what you need with the special offer on WORX tools.


Win a Weber Braai with Italtile

September is Heritage Month and Italtile is giving you the opportunity to win a Weber braai on Instagram.


Savour a Taste of South African Heritage at Spier

In honour of Heritage Day, Spier is proud to present a limited-edition Wine and Food Tasting Experience.


You Could Win a Million Rand with Easylife Kitchens

What would you do with a R1 Million cash that you can spend on your home, invest, explore the world or splurge?

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Vermont Sales Opens Innovative Trade Exhibition Centre

By revamping their previous head offices into a state-of-the-art small Customer Exhibition Centre, Vermont Sales are now able to showcase world-class brands on a rotating basis


Spier Light Art 2022: Call for Proposals

Spier Light Art 2022 will celebrate people’s unflinching resilience and invite you to reflect on enchantment and exuberance as a way to contribute to this year’s curatorial agenda.


Grace Stevens - How to Be a Baking Business Boss

When it comes to creating bountiful businesses in the baking industry there is no shortage of avenues.


Action Can FR-90 Freeze Releasing Penetrating Oil

The leading international rust treatment from Action Can FR-90 Freeze Releasing Penetrating Oil.


Avoid Scams That Claim Power Savings

There is a new scam that has come to light, one that claims to save you vast amounts of money off your monthly electricity bill.

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Spier Food Garden 2021 Winter Workshops

This winter, Spier Wine Farm is hosting a series of interactive Spier Food Garden workshops, designed to help you get started growing good food at home.


Now You Can Do More At Builders

You Can Now Send And Receive Money, Book Flights, And Pay For Netflix, Amongst Other Things, At Builders.


Improve Indoor Air Quality?

With an increase in cancer rates over the past 20 years, is it safe to assume that your indoor air quality is not a factor?


Official launch of CloutSA and HUB with the 'Right here, Right now' exhibition

Introducing Clout SA, the innovative initiative that is taking South African design to the world


Heating The Home Safely

Winter is the time that families take out the heaters but make sure that your family and your home is safe when you do.

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Choose The Best Bond To Secure Your Dream Home

Whether you are building or renovating a new property, choose the best bond to secure your dream home


It's Child's Play! - How to make Mother’s Day Memorable

Here Are 5 Tips To Making Mother’s Day Memorable.


Have Timber And Board Cut To Any Size Or Shape

Good news for DIY enthusiasts in the Randburg/Roodepoort area, now you can have your timber and board cut to size and have it delivered to your door. NOW CLOSED DOWN


8 Tips To Make Moving Day A Cinch

Carl Coetzee, CEO of BetterBond, offers these eight tips below to make moving day a cinch.


Kreg Accessories For 2021

Kreg launches an all-new range of Technically advanced, accessories, for their new 2021 Pocket Hole Jigs the 720PRO, 520PRO and 720 and Cutting Accessories.

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Difference Between Brushed And Brushless Power Tools?

As power tools become increasingly more powerful, there is now a decision to make between power tools with a brushed motor or brushless power tools - but what is the difference?


We Have 6 Great Tips That Will Make You Love Sanding!

Everyone loves making projects, but the same cannot be said about sanding and, hopefully, this article will make the process a lot easier and less effort.


Introducing 4 Malco USA TurboShear Models

Now you can turn your power drill into a cutting machine with 4 TurboShear options from Malco USA.


Builders Brand New Standalone Store In Midrand

To deliver an improved retail experience for its clientele, Builders is opening a brand-new standalone store in Midrand.


Can You Still Sell A House That Needs Work?

While your property is, generally, in a livable state, there are flaws here and there that make it more of a fixer-upper type rather than a new structure.

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How To Stop Spam Callers

How do you block spam callers or prevent spam calls to your cellphone? Easy!


6 Best Ways to Secure Your Home

There are several preventative measures to make your home burglar-proof and protect your family and belongings.


Are You Prepared for Stage 8 Load Shedding?

Energy experts expect load shedding to be a new normal for the next five years, but more than that, we might be looking at Stage 6 to Stage 8 as a huge possibility in the future.


How to Use Online Shopping to your Advantage

It has taken a while, but many South Africans now prefer to shop online due to the many benefits it offers, but what are the advantages and disadvantages on shopping online?


Builders Cresta Opens End-November

The brand new Builders store is opening its doors at Cresta Shopping Centre on 26 November 2020.

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Introducing the WORX product range

Vermont extends its WORX brand product range introducing the latest innovative tools from the factory - second shipment arriving November


The Builders Gift Registry can Make It Happen

Gifts are those surprises that bring light and positivity to our lives. Builders gift registry online including an app that makes it easy to fulfill all your gifting requirements.


Celebrate Heritage Day at Home with Spier

Inspired by Spier's rich wine history, here are some wonderful ways to make this Heritage Day a memorable one that you can celebrate at home.


Unique Quoin Rock Picnics Re-launch in October

Nothing beats a stylish picnic in a natural environment.Quoin Rock is a winning destination for a pleasurable, safe day out.


Get it Delivered or Take Home Yourself?

These days you can have almost everything delivered - at a cost, but if you want to take it home yourself and save some money, make sure you can!

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Cash or Paper Money is Dirtier than a Household Toilet

It's no secret that paper money is dirty, but did you know that it is dirtier than a household toilet - it seems that cash is headed for the trash!


DIY Divas Pretoria and Joburg are Back in Action!

We're taking the necessary precautions in order to bring DIY Divas back in action to a venue close to you.


Bunk Beds Dangerous for Young Children?

As a mother whose son is a statistic of the dangers of bunk beds, you might be shocked to learn the number of accidents, and even deaths, caused by bunk beds.

Women are key to one of the world's most luxurious wines

This Women's month, we celebrate the women harvesters and vineyard tenders who are an integral parts of the world's most awarded wine cellar.

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9 Steps To Take If You Get Locked Out Of Your House

You checked your pocket, bag, and even your car but you don’t have your key on you which means you are locked out of your house!

Why Butlers Pizza Refuse to Open - YET!

Instead of capitalising on the easing of lockdown restrictions and rushing back to their pizza oven’s, Butler’s have taken a far more measured, responsible route.

Update on SPLUMA Certificate and how it affects Homeowners

In accordance with the latest legislation,  all Provincial Municipalities must be compliant with the SPLUMA (Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act) by no later than October 2020.

Online Learning with ITC-SA Self-Study Courses

In a bid to support roofing professionals and individuals keen on learning during the lockdown, ITC-SA is offering online self-study courses at discounted rates ending 30 April 2020.

Track your Symptoms Daily with the CoronaFighter App

The CoronaFighter app gives users an opportunity to stay calm and screen for COVID-19 and be empowered in the #CoronaFight.

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Win a Festool TS-55 REBQ-Plus-FS Circular Saw with Tools4Wood

Here's an opportunity to use the lockdown to create a DIY project - to win a Festool TS-55 REBQ-Plus-FS Circular Saw valued at over R9,600

Things to do during lockdown

With South Africa heading into a lockdown that takes effect on Thusday 26 March at midnight, here's a list of things that you and your kids could be doing to keep boredom at bay.

Skills and Crafts that could Earn You Money

As Bob Dylan sang... The times they are a changin', and now might be a good time to look at how your skills and crafts can earn money.

Dust Extractors essential for DIY and Woodworking Workshops

When cutting, sawing, routing or sanding timber or board, these processes create airborne particles that responsible for respiratory disorders and skin irritation, and that's why it is essential to have a dust extractor.

Easter at Spier Wine Farm

This Easter, spoil the entire family with an Easter-inspired adventure at the Spier Wine Farm.

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What is a SPLUMA certificate and do you need one when you sell your home?

The other day I received an enquiry from a reader asking if she needed a SPLUMA certificate to include an awning that was attached to her home.

Vermont Sales Celebrates UJ Young Designers Challenge

For the last number of years, the University of Johannesburg in collaboration with Vermont Sales teamed up with HOMEMAKERS for the inventive Young Designers Challenge.

Making the most of your commute? Step up your comfort with a new ride

Below we discuss affordable second-hand options that can provide as much comfort as a new set of wheels.

Diarise the date for the Spier Harvest of the Arts

The Spier Harvest of the Arts is a showcase of performance that celebrates the annual harvest of grapes with an electrifying show.

Joburg HOMEMAKERS Expo 2020

Don't miss out this weekend when the Joburg HOMEMAKERS Expo takes place at the Ticketpro Dome in Northgate 27 Feb to 1 Mar 2020.

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How to Identify a Good Apple MacBook Repair Store

There are many places to get Apple MacBook repair in Cape Town, however, few have what it takes to fix these machines.

How To Fund Your Next Home Renovation Project

If you're planning to live in your home permanently or do not mind spending money, there are a few creative ways you can fund your renovation project.

Sign Up for Foodie Night School Masterclass

Following up on classes earlier this year, you can now sign up for Foodie Night School Masterclass in conjunction with South Africa's oldest cookery school.

Secure Your Home During Load Shedding

Is your home secure during load shedding? Is your battery-backup system in working order and fully charged?

Is it a Good Idea to Pay Off your Bond?

With so little outstanding on my bond, I'm trying to decide whether the pay the bond off or keep my options open.

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Don't Miss Nightscape 2020

All the reasons not to miss Nightscape 2020, Design Indaba’s public-hearted festival.

Lunch gets lavish at The Hussar Grill

Forget the office canteen and forego that pre-packed sandwich, as the Hussar Grill has re-introduced its perennially popular Lavish Lunch special until the end of April 2020.

Win a Trip for 2 to Istanbul

How would you like to win a trip for 2 to Istanbul, plus other amazing prizes courtesy of Makro?

DIY-Divas launch a New Workshop Venue

DIY-Divas are excited to announce a new workshop venue in Henley-On-Klip, where you can sign up for basic upholstery to make an upholstered headboard for your home.

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Win a Le Creuset hamper valued at R15,000

Do you want to stand a chance at winning a Le Creuset hamper valued at R15,000?

Foodie Night School Masterclasses

This summer, a renowned grill room and the country’s oldest cookery school collab on Steak Masterclasses

A day out at Spier Wine Farm – in Gauteng!

Enjoy a taste of the Spier farm life in Gauteng when Spier pops up at Casalinga in Muldersdrift on Saturday, 29 February 2020.

Durban rides Design Indaba 2020 wave at KZNSA Gallery

Durbanites need not have FOMO! The renowned Design Indaba is coming to the KZNSA in the form of a stimulating three-day live simulcast.

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Unoccupied and Vacant Home Insurance: What Is It and Do I Need It?

Below are Some of the major reasons you should obtain unoccupied home insurance is if you've left your residence.

Start the New Year with a Sunset Picnic

Spier is making the most of summer and invites you to explore the Light Art magic, enjoy a sunset picnic or relax with live music and sundowners in the tasting venue.

Get Properly Compensated When Selling An Old House

Here are a few methods of getting properly compensated when selling an older home.

Spier’s fun festive workshops

From 17 to 21 December 2019, Spier, the historic Stellenbosch wine farm, will be hosting daily afternoon workshops for adults where you’ll learn about everything you need to make sure this festive season is stylishly personalised.

Can We Survive Without Electricity?

I decided to write this article after reading about the depth of trouble we may be in if Eskom shuts off the power for more than a few hours, perhaps days, or even weeks; can we survive without electricity during this time?


Adhering To Health And Safety Standards

We explore the fundamental responsibilities that every UK landlord must uphold to maintain a safe and sound living environment.


The Ultimate Guide to Property Investment

In this guide, you'll gain valuable insights into property investment to make informed decisions for your financial future.


The INKAS Safes Manufacturing Vault Door Revolution

INKA is known as a leader in state-of-the-art security solutions with a company is at the forefront of the development of a new generation of safe doors, offering the highest impenetrability standards.


Navigating Cleaning Clauses - Your End of Tenancy Exit Strategy

Cleaning of a property can often be the cause of contention between landlords and tenants, yet most tenancy agreements stipulate that the property should be returned in similar condition as when first moved in by its occupants.


Insights into Congenital Heart Defects in Children

In this article, we delve into congenital heart defects in children, exploring the complexities of these conditions, advancements in medical care, and the unwavering strength exhibited by these tiny hearts.


Risk Management in Binary Options Trading

Invaluable insights on how to protect your capital while engaging in this dynamic market.


Essential Steps for First-Time Buyers

Read on for facts first-time buyers should consider when navigating the home buying process, along with valuable insights on the role of design


5 Real Estate Apps with Astounding Benefits

Using real estate apps means you don’t have to go through the ordeal of visiting one house after another. - you can easily look at hundreds of options.


Pros and Cons of Quick Possession New Homes

The professionals at Homes by Creations discuss the pros and cons of quick possession homes.


Elevate Your Summer Vibes with Motorized Screens

Motorized screens instantly turn any room into a breezy, sun-filtered oasis.

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