Cash or Paper Money is Dirtier than a Household Toilet

It's no secret that paper money is dirty, but did you know that it is dirtier than a household toilet - it seems that cash is headed for the trash!




The global pandemic has us all washing our hands several times and day and sanitizing all day long. It's no secret that cash or paper money has long been known to harbour germs, but not many know that cash or paper money carries more germs than a household toilet. Perhaps that's why cash is headed for the trash.

Paper money will soon be a thing of the past when you consider that it is a comfortable environment for germs. Known viruses and protozoa and bacteria can survive on many surfaces for a period up to 48 hours, but on paper money, it can live for us to 15 days. And that R100 note in your pocket could be home to over 26,000 types of germs, including E.Coli, a nasty bacteria that can cause vomiting and severe diarrhoea.

Bank claim that paper money is not dangerous due to sanitizing at the banks, but it only takes one person to handle paper money, one with a bacterial or viral infection, who has not sanitized or who may have Covid-19, and then that sanitized paper money is no more sanitized than a dirty tissue.



Nothing is dirtier than the cash or paper money that's sitting in your wallet waiting to be taken out and handed around. It's not easy to keep money clean and yes, you can sanitize the paper money you have in your possession at this moment, but even sanitizing won't kill all the germs. Credit cards might not host as many germs, but if you only tap and swipe, you can reduce the number of people touching your cards other than you.


Sanitize your hands before and after touching paper money or cash, credit cards and coins.





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